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Giveaway time

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Heyo guys,

im giving away a buncha neato stuffs, if you want a chance at an item, drop your discord down below in the replies


The stuff i am giving away:

100 Mr Whiskers + Special Prize


50 T2 Lootboxes


5 Breaching Spaz 12's + 5 Jetpacks


20 Blowtorches


5 different legendaries, 1 per person

^5 Winners. First come. First serve^


3 VIP tokens

^3 Winners^


5 Gang Tokens


10 Chemical Tokens


10 Wood + 10 Metal tokens


25 Mini Printer Tokens


Thats everything i am giving away,

Entries will end this Friday, 6PM GMT+1


Thank you for entering,

Stay cool.


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