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  1. Yea idk what the issue is it’s been 38 minutes just sitting on the starting lua I’ve subscribed to the workshop too did u ever figure it out? i'm stuck on it now, was playing last night no problem and now STUCK
  2. I haven't been on the forums in a while and this is the first thing I have read. It gave me the lols. So here's my 2 cents... First of all have you even spoken to this girl, or has it been just awkward eye glances every so often? lols I think you have to make yourself more than just who she looks at. Ways to do that include but are not limited to : Speaking to her before or after class Introducing yourself, if you haven't personally spoken with her.. Asking her how her schoolwork is going. Cracking a joke about how lame summer school is right? Ask her what school she goes to if your not from the same school. After speaking to her a few times ask her if she is in relationship OR if you scared, maybe she has some friends in the class that could tell you if she has a boyfriend or nahhhh. Have you noticed her talking to other people in the class that you think might know. Honestly LIL titsbro, if you just show some confidence and be yourself(unless your a douche, they out there) you should be okay and maybe JUST MAYBE something might come of it................. BUT IF NOT. I JUST GOOGLED IT AND THERE ARE LITERALLY MORE THAN 157 MILLION FEMALES IN THE UNITED STATES. She out there bruh.
  3. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/012/542/thumb-up-terminator_pablo_M_R.jpg[/img] COOL VID
  4. Quality of Life Description: When picking any class that you can press E to mug, it doesn't work. I tried with multiple jobs, and have tried for a few days now. How to reproduce: Pick mafia leader(crips, bloods, etc), set your /mugamount 1000. Go up to anyone and try to mug by pressing E. Doesn't work. Priority: (Medium) Disclaimer: I looked in the change logs briefly and didn't see anything involving this recently. Sorry if I missed it.
  5. Oh wow Geanie, Im happy your trying to make the server better, but I believe there are more important things for you to be doing than this... So I receive a sit about an RDM case i go to the location, begin talking to the people involved, not even min into the sit, here comes geanie outta nowhere sitting on my head and blocking the view, I ask him to get off, and stop playing while I'm in sit. He doesn't listen. So i get him off by using !bring, so I can continue my sit without disruption. As soon as I bring him off my head not seconds later he is jumping in front of me, trying to get on my head again. So I no clip into the hobo base(person that called sit had no prob with this, he was right there and its his base) to get away from geanie trying to get sit on my head again. I don't really think I have to explain much more, unless others have a question. Thanks, The Old Man
  6. I'm at work and it's slow . Found this video most everyone should get a good laugh off. Let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/zblbazStuGY
  7. No one is going to take your appeal very seriously without using the correct format. FORMAT HERE: https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=1325
  8. Who are you? Hard to roast someone I've never heard of or seen. ohhhh BURN
  9. I got him this time :) Didn't even know.lol
  10. Plus to add to it, he literally was a hobo for 4-5 hours today just micspamming, at some points literally screaming in the mic. (legal i know, but really that long?) All of this just goes to show that he isn't serious about the server anymore, it seems he just gonna be a good ole fashioned troll from now on. Unless...
  11. This is definitely not acceptable by staff. What good could possibly come from you deleting MORE entities/npcs? Big Earl, you should know better than this...
  12. The Ninja King

    Ban Appeal

    hecko to all, l First, I'm sorry you feel that you were falsely banned. I just want to say that I would not ban someone for arresting multiple people during a lockdown. I know the rules. I always take the time to speak to each and every person I have in a sit, so I know that questions were asked, and I didn't ban you immediately. However, I do not remember the details of this particular sit, and no evidence is available. Maybe you had previous warns for this, maybe you arrested fellow cps, maybe there was multiple sit requests. These are the some of the reasons I would ban someone for MASS RDA. It was only a 24 hour ban. All the less, if you still feel that I was wrong I am sorry. That being said if you truly want to RP on TITSRP. +1 for unban
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