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new raiding rules make it a bit too hard?


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anyone else agree with this new unwritten rule about only being allowed to use 3 c4 just because basers can only use 3 fading doors makes it a bit too hard? Not only that but the fact that you have to advert every time you use one makes it so the opponents always know when the next one is coming....

heres a little clip showing what i mean


(auto shotgun cringeabusers lethal nucleardose 🤢)


all gun permissions i used in this video are sold by me contact me on discord if interested in buying (message request: piklas.)

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53 minutes ago, Tene said:

hi guys professional non raider input on this here, i think its a bit overpowered for the raider to be able to loophole this rule with timebombs, can we add into the rule that you must also advert for timebombs and limit to maybe 1 or 2? Thanks!

This is true the smod told me nothing about this loophole it needs a fix ASAP 

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This is literally the first I'm hearing about this... I'm like baffled that this is a supposed rule.



Maybe we stop with this random ass UNWRITTEN rules so that people can't just pick and choose what to report dependent on who did it to who, at what time, under what circumstances. 

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