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False Vote Banning

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Who are you reporting?:

Malicious / piggy tony

Why are you reporting this player?:

I am reporting these two players because they both started false vote bans again me after chatting with another playing in OOC. A few players started to harass but after muting a couple, Malicious began verbally abusive with a homophobic slur, a directed suicide threat (or whatever it would be called), and then a false voteban for being a "random". This one did not pass, and he ended up being vote banned for vote banning instead, but another player named piggy tony also started a false vote ban for mass rdm when I was a citizen, did not have a weapon in hand, and was playing music on a boombox. This one did pass.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:


This is pretty much the jist of it. 

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Yup pretty blatant. That said. Saying "nobody asked" doesn't constitute false vote banning nor extra shit. Especially from a former SMod. Him stating not worth my time also shows just how he feels about the whole ordeal


+1s for both players.

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I mean, it is pretty clear isn't it, we don't need more dead community members, so i wouldnt say kys in any situation!!! )):



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13 hours ago, OG BOT Dumbass said:

you kind of instigated the whole situation by saying “nobody asked”. you could’ve went on by your day completely ignoring what malicious was to type in ooc.

See this from both perspectives. I was talking with a few other players in OOC, and Malicious decided to start acting immature and rude for zero reason. HE could've also not instigated. I'd already muted another party as well, and I was going to mute literally directly before he was vote banned by a player who was standing up to him for his bullshit. And to insinuate something as simple as "nobody asked" is instigating when many players do much more than this on the daily...

Well, I would kindly consider checking what your definition of instigating truly is.

Not trying to be an asshole when I say this either, but I'm having trouble grasping the idea that I'm in some kind of wrong here when I hadn't even broken a single rule.

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7 hours ago, GoatNuts said:

I mean, it is pretty clear isn't it, we don't need more dead community members, so i wouldnt say kys in any situation!!! )):



This this this. Hell, I made a joke the other day to dump off a (short) bridge and was spoken to even though it wasn't an actual threat (which is valid btw, I was just pissed off and have seen so many people write the same thing so in my mind it didn't matter, but thankfully these rules changed and it shouldn't have been said), but people are very easy to tell other people to kill themselves.

That's why I dont understand how I can be downvoted for previous posts on harassment. I HAVE had suicidal thoughts from just playing and I've taken breaks from this server for my mental health in the past. When you're actually in a place where you truly want to take your own life, it's so painful. Wanting to truly rid yourself from the world because you're so miserable you no longer want to live--- its one of the most painful things I've ever gone through.


Mental health crisis issues are no joke, and using slurs in combination with these directed threats sucks. I don't care how much I get downrepped on here or the server, as long as I stay alive and am active community here, I won't be silent about abuse on the server.


But to specifically reply to this, thank you. I genuinely hope this is not sarcasm (I apologize, I have immense trouble reading tone so I am going to assume the best here) because I truly hope there are staff members who truly do care about these issues and actually pay attention to them.


Tene has advocated for me after a rough patch in the near past and helped enforce rules that hadn't been enforced as much as they should've and although Darken didn't seem to be liked, he's helped me through an anxiety attack after targeted harassment. 


Up repping all who are advocating for this issue.

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yeah mali idk what u were doing here but it seems very clear that u were being unnecessarily toxic. we have started to actually punish people for toxicity now, mainly due to the server community just being a shithole filled with disrespect, but also because there is literally no need to tell someone to kill themselves over garry's mod lol. as much as u are my homie u do also gotta chill out a ton with that type of stuff.
+1 for voterestriction and week ban on malicious 😧
+1 for voterestriction on other guy

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added in ban length
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1 hour ago, Malicious said:

who tf asked about mental health issues this is a forums post not a suicide hotline 💀💀

The point of my reply, which wasn't even directed at you by the way, is going straight over your head.


The unnecessary use of directed suicide comments is exactly that-- unnecessary. You don't need to comment on this post anymore for the sake of commenting. I'm pointing out the potentional harm that can be done to the same members of this community that you are.


You may not give a shit, but I do. I don't want other people to feel the same way I have in these situations.


This being said, I'm no longer pursing replies as this situation has been dealt with.

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