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First time week ban for MRDM


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In-Game Name


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Why were you banned or warned?

Hello, I have gotten banned for 1 week for Mass RDM.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I believe I should be unbanned because the last time I played the server, there were less than 25 players at the time. There was a lot of RDM'ing that was happening. I tried to make a few sit reports but there were no mods online. 7 day ban is severely harsh.

Who warned/banned you?

Jay Walker

How long were you warned or banned for?

7 days
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This ban was done originally on a vote ban, I was extending that vote ban after receiving evidence from Sticks, the player who vote banned you in the first place. You will find this evidence below, this ban was for Attempted MassRDM, which defaults to a 1 week ban. 




As you will see, it was 2 kills on sticks, and another 2 attempted kills, showing Attempted MassRDM.


I will be -1 for this. The ban was justified.


EDIT: You say this is your first time receiving a ban for MassRDM, but this screenshot here shows otherwise, you are no strange to MassRDM. You should know it defaults to a week ban with how many bans you have gotten over the years. frliI4.jpg

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9 minutes ago, Pal said:


For the other mods reading this: 


1 week for this??


Yes you were trying to rdm a player who is just trying to looks like at the time gamble And play and you are going out of your way to kill this person Multiple times And looking at your ban history you’re well aware of the fact that trying to mass rdm get you banned

14 minutes ago, Pal said:

He broke NLR in the clip. 

Smods if I am incorrect in saying this please let me know but I thought NLR applies to dying in RP situations, the situation in which they died there was no rp it was just you rdming him.



-1 for unban

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