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  1. ZestyBoi

    New Job for VIP

    this should be put under suggestions not general discussion
  2. ZestyBoi

    Shit Ass

    I know I am not staff, but it looks like he either forgot the song has the n word, or clicked onto the wrong song, as you can see him panic when the n word is actually played in the song.
  3. How about just making the current untouchable bank system, and make it apart of the actual bank, and have a chance to be dropped on a successful bank raid? The higher value of the item / rarity / amount of the item, the less chance it has to drop.
  4. I made my CC months ago, and it has the issue.
  5. ZestyBoi


    yeah, best to switch to a different server ngl, the server is a shitshow.
  6. I'd personally not like to see this added, not because I don't want bans extended, but because it means I'd have less entertainment from the absolute retards that sometimes post on there trying to get their mrdm ban revoked. in all seriousness though, +1
  7. wait you bought lifetime supporter?
  8. +1 on this, but what would also be kinda cool is if you had the option to make those ranks visual in-game to other gang members, like for example gang members would see this for names: [Rank][Gang][Name] while people just coming across the player would just see [Gang][Name]. But this should be an optional thing because I bet some people will make long character ranks which could make the player tag long af towards other gang members.
  9. what I was getting at is if a player is just looking at the direction of the terrorist, or engaging in any sort of rp with the terrorist, the terrorist could shoot them. But I don't think that players that just mind their own business trying to fulfill their rp job should be shot at for coming near a terrorist without even looking at them.
  10. I just think it would give way too much power to the terrorist during his terror, at the start of a terror, you can't really kill randoms, which is really the whole point of the 5 minute timer. If a terrorist can just kill anybody that comes near, that gives him a lot more power to the terrorist at the start.
  11. It should really only be a thing like if you feel threatened you can shoot. It doesn't make too much sense to be able to shoot anybody that comes close, it should be a thing where if you are holding a gun near the terrorist or aiming it at them, that they could shoot you. But I don't see how it could make sense for a random meth cook to walk by, having zero weapon out, just tryin to get his stuff sold, and then oh no, I accidentally walked by a terrorist and now all my meth is gone. If this is to be added, it should only be if the terrorist feels threatened, and not if somebody is just close to the terrorist.
  12. I mostly want seeds to be given ONLY when you want them to drop, I think it'd be even more of a hassle to harvest the drugs if you need to also pick up seeds that drop. Although mostly, this is the entire whole idea of what I wish could be added.
  13. I say we keep this on the server, to help remove some of the admins and blame them with abuse.
  14. ZestyBoi

    Daily Reward

    What about a feature where the rewards just get better the more times you get on daily?
  15. That sounds pretty sick, all I really want is the seeding system of drugs to be given more depth.
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