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  1. This is something that I believe has been a thing for a long time, anything that you have on you when you become the VIP, just gets completely removed, is it possible we could make it so it either just auto inv's what you had, and if you got no space, drop on the floor, or just have enchanted weapons drop on default? It feels really bad to have a legendary or epic that is really good, to just be snatched from you. I get that you can opt out but I still think that you shouldn't be able to have enchanted weapons or other expensive items just be completely deleted because of an event.
  2. But maybe this can be turned into a sort of seed with an AOE kinda costs like 20k and seeds plots in like a decent area around the seed
  3. also why do people -1 bug / exploit reports? these aren't suggestions, they're meant for dev's for things to fix, -1's don't do jack shit
  4. yeah, thats kinda just how collisions work man, I don't really think there would be a good fix other than just completely re-writing the code of the plots. I have seen issues like this on other servers, so I admit to abusing this HARD and trying to find good ways to hit all the plots, but tbh, it's barely even an exploit, it just saves time, doesn't really give any extra money. Also could inspire designs to store plots in ways that can plant 12 plots with a single seed, which I know is possible since I have done it once.
  5. buff shovels, make them do 150 damage so I can spawn camp cc's for when I am thirsty for cc blood
  6. if only he knew the rarity of potatoes
  7. Shovels are a meme weapon, SO many weapons are so much better than the shovel. The thing about shovels is how satisfying it is to hit a thrown one. You still gotta realize that hitting a thrown shovel from longer than medium distance is incredibly hard.
  8. This should really be inside of suggestions instead of bug reports, since like everybody agrees it isn't an exploit. If you want it gone, I mean, thats your opinion, but it really isn't an exploit. Since you're asking for like a change of how switch speed works, really sounds like a suggestion. Plus, in the words of bethesda, "It isn't a bug! It's a feature!".
  9. I am going to need to side with @supermarioben2, I despise bullet penetration and things like epics and leggies would be hit with a buff that would completely break the game. I like being able to make a base that not only looks good, but works well, and that is extremely difficult with the whole bullet penetration. Plus I already think that raiding is a lot easier to win than defending a raid, so making it harder to make good bases I just think is a pretty bad idea. Also it would likely lead to some weird fuckin one way designs that nobody would think they could be shot at from, since a lot of props would be able to be wall banged. -1
  10. they shouldn't really have the ability to re-run unless it's like an unfun or something
  11. I want the ability to be able to go mayor after dying to be gone as well, it's a retarded feature.
  12. cuz ur filthy rich edit: I mean the entire point of being able to demote the mayor instantly is because you're rich and got money to spend
  13. Isn't that exactly what buying out the mayor is meant for? it says under the suga shop "Are revolts and unfuns not working?" I thought buying out the mayor was the way to stop mayors from surviving for so long after revolts / pd raids.
  14. It's sad new players never go onto the forums, lol
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