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  1. i think the server is way more fun since all the crybabys resigned bc they didnt get there way
  2. https://www.mboxdrive.com/for_the_staff_v4.mp3
  3. https://www.mboxdrive.com/for_the_staff.mp3
  4. Assault/Murder: Killing/attacking a user outside of self defense is illegal, and can result in lethal action from police. This rule should changed to "If you see someone shooting, just start blasting then ask questions later."
  5. its really fun you should try it sometime
  6. orch

    False RDM warn

    I shouldn't have to record, nor should i have to provide evidence has i did not make the report, "DO have some sort of video recording software if you ever report anyone"
  7. orch

    False RDM warn

    He made the sit, shouldnt he have to provide evidence for his accusations like the motd states bc in this situation its just word for word
  8. orch

    so uh what?

    youre too far from the base you are trying to raid
  9. (point asside) you missing the fact he hits me with the crowbar as well i would assume that was in retaliation to you slapping him
  10. Im not saying the ban wasnt just but making seem like a bigger deal then it really is by saying "33 ardms", im just saying thats not 33 ardms 14 or 15 at the most which is still alot, but like i said, i could see how he thought this would be okay.
  11. im sure most of you know this, but he is the one who compared them to guns, and i could see why Captain Corn thought this was okay, bc not only do many other players do this but staff do it aswell
  12. you're right, it's 33. every time he smacked someone for no reason, it was ARDM. SO look at every time he hits someone with the Suit Case for 5, and you come up with 33 cases of ARDM. thats like saying i walk up to you and shoot you 10 times to rdm you, is that 10 rdms? You can clearly see in the time stamps that its not "33 rdms" https://imgur.com/a/n3z6DnC this isnt 6 ardms, its 1
  13. i dont think you did your math quite right there bud, also why have a swep meant for smacking ppl, if its rdm when you smack them Guns are for shooting people, yet it is still ARDM to shoot at people without valid RP reason. Same applies to the briefcase and other slapper reskins, not everyone wants to be launched randomly and then take fall damage too. Doesn't matter if it's your fists, the brick, any other weapon if you attack people randomly it's against the rules. We tend not to punish for stuff when people don't complain about it, but you can still be held accountable for your behaviour even if others don't report it themselves if it's detrimental to the general playerbase. If you're punchspamming for example, and then one person reports it but you've still punched half the server randomly you'll be punished fully for it due to the severity of it. Every situation is different and has a different outcome. guns serve many purposes, defending your base, raids, protecting yourself, killing criminals, while the slappers serve one purpose, and thats to slap ppl.
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