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  1. A good nerf - if a cop gets damaged he cant use his cuffs for 5+ seconds. Just like how the invholster timer works. If a cop is being shot he should be shooting back instead of cuff rushing.
  2. I swear cuffs used to be reasonable. You had to be touching the player to cuff them so you would taze the shit out of them then go cuff them. Now PD mains like MrPig are running around cuffing people from 10 foot away then instantly jailing them. Since cuffs dont have a cooldown he can easily counter someone assisting a teammate and cuffing them in a mere moments. Cops are already OP asf its just mad toxic to have cuffs be really good rn too especially with gang perks ontop of it,.
  3. WOah Woah is sewer monster not kos?
  4. Not gonna lie ADS is bad to use on gmod, I recommend jumping side to side while hip firing, you aren't much less accurate than ads and if you are you can just crouch and laserbeam without ads.
  5. I'm making a suggestion to draw attention to a very valuable and fantastic staff member, and to hopefully get some love bandwagon going instead of some goofy goobers causing a commotion which hasn't happened. Maybe to get other staff to learn something from him or to get him moderator sooner >3> is that so mean of me?
  6. Just saying that he's an absolute GangSTER moderator Though I will say I more made this thread to draw attention to NuBpC and how good the work he does is. I know that it was unlikely to change anything by suggesting to promote him,
  7. Bruh this whole hog homie he is the BEST staff member on this fucking server right now. He doesn't take 15 minutes for a 3 minute sit, he does good work, he's not an angry sounding boy in sits, he cares, This boy does everything right, He doesn't have a weird TUDE half the time, He ACTUALLY takes sits and plays at the same time. BRUH this tmod is flexing on some of out SMODS ngl.
  8. How about we add a talent that works like hard hat does, hard hat prevents a kidnap 1 time ever 15 minutes. How about an expensive talent that stops a force drop every hour or something and gives you an audio cue when its used Or how about a talent called "No U" and once an hour if someone tries to force drop you it force drops them instead, this will make it so force dropping has some real repercussion other than showing off that you're a fucking loser for doing it.
  9. -1 The demote option does not always demote mayor. It demotes random cp's the cops can come flush the office if its an issue. If you cant push into the room get someone to go smoke and gas the room out then push the room. Or ask batman to throw his smoke. get creative to deal with the issue.
  10. Gotta keep it real, If we have over 6 staff members online. 1 of them is not afk and he's a 2 day old tmod, I feel like there should be leeway on what players are allowed to do. I would've used my VIP votekick feature but the second any vip actually use that you staff members are known for HEAVILY punishing the players that Actually make use of it when staff are online. I guess its fine I'll keep the warn, This server seems to be going down the shitter more and more with every single day. We are adding staff left and right but its so common for them all to not be taking sits or to be fucking around AFK. I should also add that there was no sit made against me for NLR. No one was really pressing charges against me for it. Nor was there any video evidence of me instigating anything with the trolls. NOT TO MENTION They were trolls who had no intent on RPING. one LTAPPED the other said he was the owner lmao.
  11. Your Steam Name: Cosmic Nova Your in-game name: Autumn McStubbins Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:45621428 Why were you warned/banned?: Breaking NLR Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : So pretty much there were these 2 bank raiders. They were raiding some new players. I was walking by on the other side of the street when they attacked me. I had my Legendary Minigun equipped so I melted them both. I told the people inside the raid was over and was about to leave when one broke nlr and killed me. I lost my Jetpack and my Extremely expensive minigun. I was coming back to confront them on the RDM when they started raiding that same base again. I kind of approached them but didn't come too close to the base when they attacked me again. I had already made a staff sit at this point. So I return to them again but keep down the street with nothing equipped and they attack me. Now they've broken into this new guys base so I decide I need to help and I kill them both. I've been waiting for about 5 minutes and keep updating my admin request. They break nlr over and over trying to kill me and raid this base. I let them shoot me once first then I kill them both. We do this over and over where I will kill them both then they will return and kill me. Then i go back in the area and they attack me so I can attack them back. There is about 6 or so staff online with all but 1 being AFK and the guy online was a T-Mod who was working as fast as he could. So I did infact kind of break NLR but I was honestly just helping protect these new guys while I waited for staff to come handle the shit. I tried to make sure I never shot them before they started shooting at me so the RDM would always be on them. I should be unwarned because each time I was defending myself and I was never returning to continue a raid. The rules talk about nlr is that YOU can return to the area you died but to not start shit with the people that killed you. In this case I just returned to the area and waited for them to attempt to RDM me like I both knew they would. I'm kind of confused as to why Buckweed felt like warning me when it was quite obvious the players were just trolling; they both recieved 7 day bans and one guy was saying he was the owner of the server lol. These are all reasons that I think should culminate into having my warns lifted. I think I have 1 other warn from this past like 365 day period. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Buckweed Cuckingson Evidence: Uh Logs/Ask him? HOLY shit that FONT IS MASSIVE
  12. -1, The players elect the mayor. Some players like harsh laws and if he's voted in twice that means the players want that in most cases. And I think its often the players and cops who re elect mayor. Its not always just the cops voting.
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