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  1. My fellow TitsRP Illuminati peeps, we've been found out. Take em out.
  2. Here is my incredibly thoughtful input that took me a while to come up with: Lift the ban
  3. Make a cool public base and watch 98% of the people just shit all over everything. This is due to years of erosion of the expectation of at least a little RP. Tits used to have a decent amount of people putting a ton of work into cool dupes that served for cool RP purposes (I miss crumpaloo's dupes). It was cool to have talent shows/Beach Town/bars/strip clubs where 10+ people would all be there actually having a fun time RP'ing. RP was still alive long after CC's so I don't buy into that theory too much. Now I just use it as an Idle Clicker while doing other things.
  4. Ban all lolis and furries
  5. Hope to still see you in discord to play games homie.
  6. "This was made by someone else because I lack creativity"
  7. Well I am definitely not gonna argue the facts seeing as you admitted to being wrong about your original reason for appealing. So no more needed from me as far as I can see.
  8. You forgot to mention the small fact of breaking NLR after I killed you as sewer lord first. You also forgot to mention the RDM on two other players you did after the fact. So MRDM + NLR which should be a 7 day. I think you got off easy.
  9. Why did you leave discord again you dummy
  10. I want some mils pls Oh just sell me a model at full price and then sell it to everyone else at half price Wait...lol
  11. If you get on the server in the next minute I will give you 250 mil
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