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  1. All my homies love the olive exploit.
  2. How about every 30 minutes theres just a new election with new people, and the same mayor as before. So we can either choose to re-electe the same guy, or get someone new in the office. Seems way more simple to me.
  3. What a great way to advertise our server.
  4. Make it so whenever the radio guy speaks the whole server can hear it.
  5. You should give the whole server the n word pass
  6. Imagine getting your room searched by your parents and they see a printed out version of the TitsRP MOTD. Stapled and all. Honestly sounds interesting +1
  7. Snapple Apple

    Hey guys

    Shut up Fuel
  8. Can't wait to kill some rice fields from above.
  9. Do you know the dates of those exploits by any chance? I would definitely add the legendary and VIP.
  10. Fountain is gay and overrated. +1
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