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  1. But Vinny is a POC, he gets special priority over women.
  2. The RSB lady at fountain is useless to our economy. She provides nothing for the server other than taking up a space in fountain. I have never seen anyone use her but to mock her buy requests. At 10:02PST, she is asking for LIQUID OXYGEN! Ridiculous. So, I think we need to remove her, and move Vinny the VIP Seller to her spot, where he will be seen and appreciated. Vinny is my friend. I've loved him ever since I joined the server, but seeing him take all the bullets that are shot in front of PD everyday hurt me. He needs a save spot, where he can sell his VIP to the users of the server. He gives a great deal, $5million dollars for VIP? I don't see why anyone wouldn't take this offer! I hope you all consider my suggestion. Love Snapple Apple. https://imgur.com/a/49EGxUY
  3. In-game Name: Snapple Apple Total Hours: 684 Do you own a CC (If you do then tell me what slots you have): 12 slots Do you own a Discord account (If you do then tell me your discord name and ID): Raimo#6265
  4. Just remove money from the server. Easy fix.
  5. This person will probably never learn that a Garrys Mod server called TitsRP helped saved her life. Really cool donation though.
  6. Why waste a big punch in the jail lol.
  7. Please delete your account. -Everyone who plays TitsRP.
  8. There's currently a way to fix the inventory glitch everyone's having. I'm unsure if it keeps after relogging the server. Steps to get inventory back: Get someone to drop a weapon on the ground. I'm not sure if you can do this from the Bank, but a cheap gun from the gun dealer would work. Press E on the gun to get it in a weapon slot, then /invholster to get it into your inventory. Your inventory should be back.
  9. How much money did you each get out of this?
  10. I can't explain my love for femboys like Astolfo I just like him.
  11. I'm gonna win cause I always win
  12. +1 more times for me to use my enchanted guns and I can rdm and say it was crossfire
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