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  1. In-game Name: Snapple Apple Total Hours: 684 Do you own a CC (If you do then tell me what slots you have): 12 slots Do you own a Discord account (If you do then tell me your discord name and ID): Raimo#6265
  2. Just remove money from the server. Easy fix.
  3. This person will probably never learn that a Garrys Mod server called TitsRP helped saved her life. Really cool donation though.
  4. Why waste a big punch in the jail lol.
  5. Please delete your account. -Everyone who plays TitsRP.
  6. There's currently a way to fix the inventory glitch everyone's having. I'm unsure if it keeps after relogging the server. Steps to get inventory back: Get someone to drop a weapon on the ground. I'm not sure if you can do this from the Bank, but a cheap gun from the gun dealer would work. Press E on the gun to get it in a weapon slot, then /invholster to get it into your inventory. Your inventory should be back.
  7. How much money did you each get out of this?
  8. I can't explain my love for femboys like Astolfo I just like him.
  9. I'm gonna win cause I always win
  10. +1 more times for me to use my enchanted guns and I can rdm and say it was crossfire
  11. I like skittles because they're colorful and taste good.
  12. Basing's boring as and playing the gmod server is boring.
  13. Snapple Apple


    Kiss me, then you will learn
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