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  1. I feel like you learned your lesson and I hope that when you come back that you don't do it again. It was mistake which happens a lot of the time so I get it, people are "dumb" sometimes. I'm going to give this Ban Appeal a +1
  2. Okay well first of all. I told you many times that if you didn't comply in the sit that you would be given a punishment. Also I was being raided, I was basing with Green, ZeMailMan, Chesmond, and others. We had a little fight with FREE NOAH and FREE _____ (forgot name) , we raided them and they attempted to raid us multiple times. You called a sit at the worst time. Second of all. There was 3 other staff members currently on that could have taken the sit and you decided to bother me when I decide to take a sit when I am open. 3rd. There was no reason for you to RDM someone because you feel like staff aren't good. It wasn't my problem they raided me at the time you made the sit 4th. You say I am bias since I took a sit that involved a random player I haven't even heard of in my life. And to add on, don't complain to staff and call us bad when we miss a sit or two, next time don't break the rules and you wouldn't get into trouble. (I recommend you take a break next time you get this heated.) "False Banned" You IRDM'd someone (Intentionally Random Death Match'd) which is 1-3 day ban. (Says under punishment guidelines) and you didn't even comply with the sit, you just kept crying over the fact that you were demoted. I think the ban was valid.
  3. Funny how you get on, talk shit to staff, then cry when your sit doesn’t get taken. Man is mad because he got demoted a second time so he has to take his anger out on someone that told him he should apply again. (While I was still VIP)
  4. LeGerbs & Dan are 100% right. Toxicity is a huge no and no one wants to be given IRL Threats. Try to find another server and I recommend you try to calm your self down and not make the situation worse. But like lets be honest, who threatens someones life over a DarkRP server. Its gonna be a -1 from me.
  5. The only reason I even made the Report was because after he made a sit and couldn't get me warned AND we gave all his stuff back, he kept being petty and made another sit just to get me into trouble. If I was warned it could have effected any future staff applications. It was also my birthday the day/night of this incident so it was a real mood killer.
  6. rip he was also told to stop by another staff member earlier
  7. Big Boi +1 Makes sense and I understand what your saying
  8. Cute Fish suggestions: Laws: 1.I have a couple of suggestions regarding Laws. I have been in a lot of sits because I thought someone was RDAing and then it turns out that it was a stupid law that I didn't know about. I think that you should make it so the laws show up in the top right or left or wherever you decide to put it because people usually don't decide to do !laws and check out the laws. They usually (Like me) are in there base not paying attention or they go and RP and don't know what the laws are and they get arrested and get mad and call a sit which waste staffs time to handle sits, RPing, etc. This would be a huge help because I see a lot of people including me calling sits because they didn't know what the laws are. Partys. 1.ve a suggestion for the Party's. I feel like maybe you should be able to move the Party Hud somewhere else (Ex: They click on the party Hud on the middle left of the screen and are able to drag it across to a different area). I feel like this should be added because I don't like where it is and sometimes it gets in the way and distracts me when I am playing. 2. I think you should make the party limit 8-10 maximum players because a lot of the time I see people making party's for clans, friends, events, etc. And even me and my friends when we play there's a lot of us on the same team/discord and we want to be in a party together so we can protects each other etc and we don't have enough room for all of us to be in the same party and it gets confusing because sometimes we can't protect each other (Counter the other people that aren't in the party) and it gets really complicated because if they are in your party and you see them get killed you are allowed to protect them but if the party is full you can't. 3. I think that you should either remove the circle (Mark when you click on the player in your party it shows that circle) or add a Dot to indicate that they are on your party. A lot of the time when you are looking at the player in your party from a distance it is hard to see the ring/circle underneath them. It makes it easier to tell where that party member is. A example would be if you are a Bounty Hunter and you can see the dot through the walls/on the person. It would be like this except it would be above their heads. Bounty Hunter job (Concern/Suggestion) 1.'s either a glitch or something went wrong with the Bounty hunter job when I look at a different player that's a bounty hunter job when I am playing it shows that the Job color is white. There isn't really anything wrong with it except sometimes I get confused when looking at it. 2. (Main Concern) When I am a bounty hunter job and I try to find my target it sometimes doesn't show the target (Dot) and I can't find them. This causes the job to be hard because if you don't get the bounty you have to wait for a while until it is a new bounty. This can mess players up when trying to go for the leaderboard status and try to get the rewards. Thanks!
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