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  1. Nebulous half life 2 roleplay
  2. Nep Nep

    Wrongly Accused

    Yep, since there is no evidence I sadly am going to have to DENY this appeal.
  3. Nep Nep

    Ban Appeal

    There is legit no proof that you didn't deserve to be banned, not to mention calling one of our staff members racist with no reasoning also leads me to believe that this is just a simple unban grab -1
  4. No evidence given that you didn't do the crime, and just for your understanding, the staff member resigned. He was in no way shape or form corrupt DENIED
  5. DENIED And closed. The Staff member in question has resigned
  6. -1 Ban seems valid to me based on evidence, sorry.
  7. Looked into something and found this, Hope its of use
  8. Nep Nep

    Keeves VIP appeal

    You're supposed to wait a week to get vip back from what ive been told, how long has it been since you did this voteban?
  9. We should start adverting that we need staff again
  10. I second this. You did something bad and then beg for forgiveness, but like Akumi said, you don’t deserve a second chance. Find another community. -1 Friscock
  11. I think a second chance would be a good idea +1
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