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  1. Tapwater was the one who originally banned you, forwarding to him
  2. Nep Nep

    Embers Ban Appeal

    +1 for a reduction of ban to 1-3 weeks The fact that you chose to alt makes me genuinely want to -1, but I think you've somewhat learned your lesson
  3. It also happens when you have something selected and close the inventory menu, kinda annoying. +1
  4. ACCEPTED The player will be banned for breaking NLR
  5. Based on what i'm hearing the prop-spamming you did caused a good bit of lag from what you did. Andddd from what i'm hearing, from LeGerbs, there weren't even hits on you. DENIED
  6. ~~A bit too soon for me -1~~ Based on what I've heard about you so far, and seeing the response from other staff members. +1 Maybe I was a bit too harsh
  7. You broke the rules, and got banned for it. You have 2 days left. DENIED
  8. Aight bet see me in game and ill give you a few mil
  9. Nep Nep


    You're coming back??? :3
  10. More secret areas for basing, like waterfall.
  11. Accepted, your ban is being reduced to a month
  12. Nep Nep

    2 day ban appeal

    Since you did break the rules, I don't see any reason why I should reduce or unban you. As Dan said, just wait it out, it's only 2 days DENIED
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