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  1. Hacking bans are to be left to ADMINS only from this point forward. Any and all evidence is to be submitted to them for review. If they can not come to a unanimous decision, then it will be tossed out. We do not ban people for hacks based on a 3 second GIF, and a 1 minute video, both done through our spectate system. I'm disappointed. ACCEPTED
  2. You're an asshole. See you in a week if I remember. DENIED
  3. I actually quite like this idea. Half the time I leave the server, it's because playing under a tyrant isn't fun. To each their own though, and I recognize that is what some people enjoy doing. Your suggestion isn't implying you want tyrannical ruling periods to end, however to give more opportunity to the peaceful rulers. I've seen many people attempt to appease the citizens, and they are revolted as soon as the timer is up anyways. It's clockwork during peak hours. I'll point the other SAs to this thread, and see what can be done. Good suggestion.
  4. So I spent a while deliberating this, which actually translates to me trying to find all of the screenshots, edit them into a video, and play the song "I'm Different" while it scrolls through the images. Instead, I will make this short and sweet. It's been too soon for you to return. DENIED
  5. I've unbanned you. Stop being racist for the lolz. ACCEPTED.
  6. I guess you forget me being in the channel with you. Weird. I don't recall changing my name recently. I even recall saying in voice chat each time I did something, and why I was doing it. My issue with this appeal, and the reason I called is asinine, is you included no explanation, and said the classic "I was banned for no reason!!" If you are "just trying to be un banned", maybe consider actually filling out the form above with something of substance.
  7. I love these kind of appeals. They come here simply because there is no ban reason, expecting me to forget what happened. Good thing is, I don't ban too many folk in this manner. Your case was a special one, and you amazing forget what happened. Allow me to jog your memory. We were sitting in General chat in the discord, and you made some racist comment. I forget what this one pertained to, but I muted you. A little bit later, I unmuted you, and we went about our business. You then think it's ok to say "Things would be so much better if my middle school was still segregated". That is when I kicked you from the discord, hoping you would get the message. A few minutes later, you rejoined, and thought it was so hilarious to do it again. This is when you received your ban. Now. After having your memory refreshed, and reacquainting yourself with the situation, please tell me a good reason why I would let an angsty racist kid back into our discord? Especially when you conveniently forgot what you did, and made this asinine appeal.
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42708127 Great article here.
  9. This was a very unfortunate ban. I knew what you were going through, but unfortunately you did scam multiple people out of irl transactions for in game currency. I will take into account this was out of your control, and allow you the opportunity to make amends. Accepted
  10. You posted a meme of a trap showing off a bulge in a server full of kids. No thanks 🙂 DENIED
  11. Need just a little bit more information. I will forward this to the appropriate staff, but in the mean time, please explain the situation a bit more.
  12. I told sugar already you weren't perma banned. Stop starting shit in gen chat. It wasn't about Ellie or harassment. You straight up started drama for no other reason than to start drama. You boldly claim someone was leaking shit, but refuse to tell anyone. Lol. Pretty stupid. I'll unban you now. Don't be dumb.
  13. My first additions to my class were a medkit, the as-val, a lockpick, a master sword, and a shotgun. I also purchased a custom model. I believe the entire purchase was somewhere around 170 dollars. Maybe 130... Was years ago. I can't quite remember. Good choice for your first weapon. Good luck with the rest. 😄
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