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  1. I stopped reading when it appeared to head in the direction of "this guy didn't get as big of a punishment!" Those guys don't have your history. Your toxicity ban was never appealed successfully either. You were bought back into the server on the condition that any little screw up would be a slam. Now you're slammed. It doesn't matter who did it with you, or how long they were banned. You broke the one condition set forward when someone paid a billion darkrp to unban you. I'll leave this up for a couple more informed replies.
  2. I'm really stuck between the parcels and the Sitland, but I also support a theory behind how the bird came about. I heard tell it was an old permad player that sugar tits cast a spell on.
  3. The admin team received some suspicious footage, that could have been misinterpreted. That footage is currently being reviewed, and we will update you on this thread.
  4. The fact that you sat down and thought of all these is amazing. My personal favorite; "Made it so players in the rust server will constantly be spammed with the GMod Server IP because rust doesn't make enough money"
  5. Pretty nice bird you got there. I bet it's better than Greg's.
  6. Someone did, sure. But did Mark dig that up? To my understanding, he got the picture from our discord.
  7. Also, this is the definition of doxing;
  8. Fences are neat too. Was it board on board or chain link?
  9. I do this kinda stuff for a living. It's fun work. Good stuff to learn man. Everyone needs their house taken care of.
  10. Just a couple quotes from Cobaselic that I wanted to clarify. Coba, you were not banned for pointing out that racism isn't allowed. You were banned because of the way you went about reporting it. "It's so easy to get you guys riled up! Hahaha". This led me to believe you just wanted to "stir the pot", instead of reporting a legitimate concern to someone. The fact you think it was as simple as "I reported something and got banned" is crazy to me. In regards to Kilobyte's ban, this is twisted in your favor as well. The intent and actions leading up to, and after each infraction wer
  11. Kilobyte turning into a shitter after he retires? Almost like I see that happen all the time. Shame I see it coming from an admin now. This report is petty, and unnecessary. You were afk ffs. Grow up. Whatever beef the two of you have with each other, you're both gonna have to get over it. This report is DENIED
  12. Im sorry, but I can't dismiss your blatant minging and shitty attitude either. Would you rather I dealt with this thread, and take care of both infractions?
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