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  1. As current MOTD states, breaking rules to punish others for breaking rules is not allowed. I likely should have called this raid, as the offender genuinely didn't care about his warn, and was happy to keep his entities. Having a policy on that set in stone is a great idea.
  2. It's not your handwriting(I assume you mean grammar and spelling). It's the content of this appeal. It's extremely non-descriptive, and looks like you tossed it together in less than a minute. It lacks any explanations of what type of person you are, or what led you to be banned in the first place. Instead, you pretty much say "I'm tired of making alts, pls unban". This is a joke.
  3. You were truly a menace. Your ban reason goes way deeper than "Alts and MRDM". You'd also think if you wanted to do this appropriately, you'd have taken your time and written a decent appeal. This is shit. -1
  4. In-game name: Doc McStubbins SteamID: STEAM_0:1:107121556 Your plans for Halloween: Pass out candy for the kids.
  5. I think the issue with making T3 crates more accessible to casual players is that it would only make them more accessible to the grinders as well, therefore only furthering the inflation rates of the server.
  6. I spoke with florhn a bit, and I support giving him another chance. Hopefully it'll be the last one he needs. I'd hate for this to be a repeat of last time. +1
  7. I'm not up for this being shortened at all. I'd almost like to see it extended. No remorse for your toxic behavior. Hell, you won't even admit it's you. Grow up, and take a bit of responsibility. DENIED
  8. I strongly recommend you guys proof read your responses before pressing send. I'd like to see the video in question before giving my opinion.
  9. Lol. You guys are silly. If Noiz has a problem with it, let noiz speak for himself. Not sure what you aim to accomplish here.
  10. If you are caught alting to avoid a ban, then your alt account is perm banned, and your original ban timer is doubled. If Noiz claimed his alt was his main, and got banned, then alted on his "main"(which is now his alt), then the "main" should be banned permanently, and the "alt" should have received an extension. Is this not the case here?
  11. I can see you enjoy being petty and difficult. Don't follow someone around next time, and you won't die. Greg handled this in game, and that's where it should have stayed. Denied.
  12. Please don't be stupid. Your ban history isn't crazy, so I'll let you return. Take these comments to heart. ACCEPTED
  13. User requested this to be denied a few days ago, but I wanted to see a few more responses. I agree with Rubik, as does Mumper. He understands his mistake, and will potentially appeal again after some time. DENIED
  14. Shouldn't have bought the steam account from your friend. That's against the Steam Terms of Service. DENIED
  15. Countless times we go through dumb stuff like this. Countless times you appeal and say sorry. Just seems like you're wasting our time at this point. Denied.
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