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  1. I see how this could be a problem but you could always just not make it able for a raider to get behind or just have recording software ready so if they ever drag you to a sit they can’t say “you destroyed your entities on purpose”
  2. Ajax but you see where the eyes of the people are shifted on right? You placed a c4 in the middle of a populated street? And when it gets taken you act somewhat surprised of the events that occurred during and right after that?
  3. Vexxy in abstergos defense he did contact higher ups on how to deal with this situation before . I don’t exactly believe it was biased more of just he knew he was right so why waste other staff members time.

    I'm sorry

    Look Marco you’re punishment more than likely won’t get lifted unless Sixmag (the mod who banned you) were to accept this appeal himself. Just wait out your ban and reflect on why what you did was wrong in it’s entirety.
  5. So instead of the necromancer going “a necromancer does not romance the dead that’s a necro..... nevermind” when he revived someone. we should instead the audio quip to the COD zombies quick revive sound quip. (Skip to 0:16)
  6. In game name: FK_BOOLIN Discord:FK#1016 niggas be like What's the move for Halloween: "literally nothing"
  7. As Vexxy said shooting a trisha at PD props starts a raid no matter what. Running away / killing yourself to resupply ends the raid. As we have seen earlier you clearly don't know the rules because in your first post of this appeal you said "NLR limit" which doesn't exist at all. You then proceeded to say "since i was not entering the PD, it should not be qualified as a raid, thus voiding the nlr claim. people were damaged from the explosion, but that was not purposeful, so it does not qualify as ardm. " This entire statement is proof of you not understanding / reading the MOTD, This also shows that you were trying to raid the PD but you didn't count it as a raid since you were in another building and may I say only you thought this
  8. For what I've read I'm going to go with a -1 for this appeal. As said in the motd "DO NOT attempt to loophole any rules"
  9. Dude that doesn't matter you shot a Trisha launcher at PD which is raiding. That's like saying well I threw a timebomb at a base but I wasn't inside it so its not a raid.
  10. Like Issac said we don't have a "NLR limit". Regardless if you fail a pd raid you can't try again till 15 minutes later. We'll see how many times you broke NLR then either Vexxy or another higher up will decide what will happen with this appeal. But more than likely you'll get some form of punishment for breaking NLR (Verbal warning to a Ban) Please read up on the Motd so we can stop situations like this from happening.
  11. The emotes that we have right now have been here since the prehistoric ages. It would be cool to see more emotes like the Fabled piss swep. Now I know more emotes what's the point of that? Well ill tell you There is no point but it would add to the RP. For instance in tf2 there is emotes that you need more than 1 person to do, like a handshake or a dance line. It would make the server look more than just basing for countless hours only to get raided by 10 CC owning players. Titsrp can look more like a greater / cleaner Darkrp server with more RP tools (like more emotes) side note: add cum swep
  12. Caliber Recruitment Are you tired of the Gangs that don't give you the needs to stand a chance in PvP Are you tired of you're Gang wasting their talent points on size command? Are you tired of your gang not giving you the basic talents for basing? Well I have a solution for your problem Join my gang simple as that Gang perks Quick sell A Pretty Penny Extra Bullet Blood Sucker Force drop Gang perks in the future Precious Life Junk Launcher All are welcome to join To join just pm me in game (FK_BOOLIN) Or pm me on discord (FK#1016) (Betrayal may happen at some point in time but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it)


    Considering you have tried to hash out the problems with Zucc and Skii I am feeling a little bit better about this appeal for that. But you have had many more problems with other players in the community. I am feeling better at letting you come back but it isnt about what I feel, its about how the community feels. For the time being I'm going to go ahead with feeling neutral about this whole thing. I'll edit my response later when other staff had put up some more responses. my last note on this I get it make yourself look tough so you wont get stepped all over with but your "toughness" turns into over flowing toxicity that affects the community for the worse. Please if your going to come back don't act like a jerk just because you don't want to be trampled by the trash talking and hate towards you. Instead become a better member of the community. Become a community member where people look at you and say "you see Frisco right there he was the one who helped me with his tutorial videos so I can actually stand a chance against the many CC's on the server" or " he was the one who showed me how to grow my darkrp cash in a instant". Edit: after seeing some more thoughts and responses I’m going to go ahead and +1 for ban reduction your fate relies to the higher ups now.
  14. Through my entire play through of the server I have not run into any problems with you. But the armor pack situation was very uncalled for. For now I feel very neutral about letting you back on the server. I’ll edit this response once I have seen other staff members responses. Edit: From what other staff are saying it seems that you were pretty chill and a good player. They also made the point that you were still interacting with the community as well which I respect 100%. And since we handle Alt bans differently now As of now I see no reason to not 1+ this appeal.

    2 day ban?

    I'm going to go ahead and ACCEPT this ban appeal. Just be more careful next time. Expect to be unbanned here in a bit
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