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    Report on fuel

    +1 fuel gets banned from Wifi (my dad works at macrosoftie no lie) In all seriousness fuel shouldn't be given a punishment at all since we literally have a locked channel in the discord for that stuff
  2. Step 1. Penis Step 2. put penis inside oven (in gmod) Step 3. Get burnt penis Step 4. Mine wood Step 5. Mine stone and gather hemp Step 6. Create bow Step 7. Shoot kid with bow that has stuff Step 8. Profit Step 9. Make a base Step 10. Get guns Step 11. Get raided by somebody Step 12. Cry at your desk
  3. “Making it seem”...? Coni is completely right. You were fucking staff man and you knew the shit you pulled was a pretty big deal, not only that you taught others how to do that? So what it’s been two years but honestly you shouldn’t deserve a second chance with this one. None the less you also made your friends beg the server owner to unban you because you knew that almost everyone wouldn’t let you back. -1 You knew what you were doing
  4. Now to attempt to disrupt your attempts of “just being real” I will also be adding my own two cents Claim number one “I didn’t start shit” : Now you first said that you hadn’t started anything when in fact you hit that little red thumbs down. Now we could all less that you did that the problem is is that when they had asked can you please elaborate on your comment you began to call everyone “egotistical”. Which if I were to call you retarded I’m sure a pretty long thread would come back to bite me in the ass about “me being insensitive and retarded”. Claim 2 (“I’m not egotistical for saying that my point is the only right thing said in this discussion, all your statements are retarded because you said I wasn’t staff which I interpreted wrong”) : Now you call everyone egotistical when you yourself say “I think I am entitled to feel above you”. When the only thing you should be entitled to is a good talking to. Now you stated before “ my claim is sound and realistically no one will read this or be appointed to read this seriously”. Now not to call you out on anything but I have read over your comments three times to find weak points in your arguments and to see if you have contradicted yourself (which you did with the whole “you guys have a ego, Not me”) Now let’s look at the definition of “ego” which you so ironically use, “a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance”. You showed this in the first comment when you stated “ Either a plot to get recognition to climb the ladders or just miss understanding of how humans work“. By saying this you infer that abstergo is just posting this comment to and I quote “climb the ladders”. Abstergo has been done a lot more for the community then you have. The most I have seen you do is post a scavenger hunt and that’s about it. I can list the many things he does for the server 1. Gets on during the times were no staff are online, taking sits back to back 2. Has helped out many new players with how to act on the server in a rp manor and during sits for example this comment. 3. He had made a report on a bug that wasn’t being reported by any members by the community that the server owner had acknowledged it. There are many more things that he’s done but I don’t need this to turn into a holy Bible. Now back to the whole ego thing, you belittle him for helping / suggesting how you should act during sits (the dont’s in that list happen a shit ton and that’s what I mean when you interpreted that “your not staff” comment) <this will be important later... Not only that you also begin to argue with other staff members because you were just “being real” or “rational”. You then put yourself on top of a pedestal and act like everyone who tries to argue with your claims are children and “under you”. Claim 3 ( “I myself misunderstood something right after I got mad at a guy for misunderstanding human nature”) Now I get what you mean by No One will read this but it’s just a suggestion Jesus Christ. Sure not everyone on the server will read it like the !motd but we attempt to show it to new players before shit starts. Now doge then says “ 2 out of three times this happens” (which it does) Doge tried to bring up a problem that does occur often and it’s extremely painful to all party’s in the sit. Abstergo is trying to push newer players to a better start granted it won’t get to all of them but staff members will see this and hell even the owners will see this so in this new staff update coming up we can see a new set of guidelines to better the quality of sits. Also not everyone does this on purpose, for example you can easily look at players who have gone through with reports on staff members and all you see in their video is them screaming and crying because the accused got a warn instead of a perm ban for a Rdm. Claim 4 ( it’s just claim 2 with some added on shit) Just by seeing how you put yourself on a pedestal and say fuck all of you it’s never going to work perhaps you can go with, this won’t reach that many people but we should definitely try to push this to the point that something can actually be done with it, these sit guidelines shouldn’t be thrown in the garbage just because not many people are going to see it. You failed to choose that route which lead to you calling staff members that were picked up in 2020 to be terrible just because they made a suggestion that caused no harm. Honestly if you see this suggestion like this then that’s all right when I step in when you begin to belittle our staff members. Instead of trying to change their opinions with brute force try to have a civil conversation with points and claims and not just “your all retarded, I’m not”. If you want to be a ass with them then I’ll be right there standing with them to counter You.
  5. https://gyazo.com/697b21edf9f242d085966ce0cd0e22c2

    Rad Ban Appeal

    My 2 cents Considering I'm a T-mod my opinion doesn't matter.... TOS guidelines states that the use of macros and scripts is a bannable offense Now even if you didn't know you can make shipments of mats and thought everyone else had to do the same thing, you knew that you were giving yourself a unfair advantage You are a older player who have seen people get "slam dunked" for that very same reason (a exaggeration but you get what I mean) A new policy states that a permanent ban must stick unless found false or was a accident -1 from me

    Being mod lol

    https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/13-moderator-applications/ Be sure to read up on what you need too! Good luck and I wish you the best on your application!
  8. Mining system pretty stale rn Tbh +1

    abusing mute

    1. we have a building sign up it does say no kos but if we really want to we can kill people 2. you were mic spamming before extremely loud chimp noises, abstergo told you to stop then you proceeded to sing extremely loud into the mic after he told you to stop -1
  10. I was the one who was told to pull the trigger on you but I.. I- I couldn’t... Saiah had to do it for me... I honestly believe you because that entire time I was listening to sugar’s stream and he did talk about that and he even laughed about it aswell. In my mind that’s why I thought it was a misunderstanding. The wording on your “comment” was a little bit hard to understand since one side sounded like you calling him a p*** but then the other side also sounds like you making fun of him for that which I understood because I was also listening his stream too. And that’s the reason I couldn’t ban you... I honestly don’t think i should even put my answer but here we go... I know tuss has a pretty big record with his warns and all that but this... this shouldn’t be the way he goes out... his wording on the message was extremely weird and I can see how it can be interpreted another way without context. Please just try to look at it another way before you come to a decision. Because honestly I also think this a misunderstanding, I know I’m the one who brought it up to the staff team but I don’t think it was the best idea too. Not because I don’t think you guys don’t know what your doing but because you guys didn’t know some of the more hidden context. Tuss I don’t want you gone like this man... I know you can be a problem but like I said this shouldn’t be the way you go. You should still have a few more bright times ahead of you on the server +1 for unban

    Ban appeal

    fowarding to Tyz
  12. So this is really up to the super admins since they are the ones who deal with hacking bans. Another thing I want to point out I can’t really see how you would enjoy or server if you got banned the second you joined. Other then that I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and say 3 years has been enough. neutral leaning to +1
  13. Denied with Walters permission This appeal was denied due to the ban not being in-valid and negative staff feed back on this appeal. Feel free to join another community.
  14. I agree with what’s said here. Death threats are extremely serious and can sometimes lead in the real world to police excursions, schools being shut down, airports being stopped, people being put into protection of U.S Marshalls and many other extremely serious things. Not only that but you can get a pretty hefty fine and possibly jail time. Now you saying “I was a edgy kid” doesn’t warrant “why we should unban you”. We’ve all had that “I was a incredibly stupid kid” phase but we all made it out. Some had more trouble then others for example younger you... I don’t see exactly why you should be let back. If the ban is valid then I say you being gone is valid -1
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