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Accepting ticket then Closing it right away. (Responding with "." and saying it is a BS report. When I asked for help on the forums).

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Kidlonestar02 FC

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I made a ticket because I was having trouble on the forums. He is the only staff at the time. So I immediately made the report with the reason "Other" and saying "Can You look at my Forum Report?". Since I posted someone on the forums a week ago and nothing was done about it. So I was wondering if I posted it in the wrong area and wanted this man to look at it. He accepted it and messaged me with the words "." I then asked him to bring me and he said no then closed the ticket. I called him out saying that he only accepted it for the sugar money and admitted that he did do it for the sugar dollars. Then right after that he accepted someone's ticket and brought them. This is irresponsible for a staff member to accept and close a ticket without bringing the person or even going to them asking what the problem is or even talking to them.

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You made sit for something that is forums related that has nothing to do with in-game at the time. There is no need for me to tp you and talk to you about a forums report when I had 3 more sits on stuff that was happing in the game at the time so I do not understand this post at all. Also, a forum post is for the forums not in the game. 

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Either way, you should of messaged me in game in a direct message telling me where to go or explaining why you cannot take it. If you were a trail moderator or even a moderator I would of let this slide. But you are an Administrator. It is irresponsible for someone like that to accept a ticket and close it without explaining or even directing the member to what they should do. People that are below you look up to you and follow your foot steps and actions. Administrators are supposed to set examples. Not act like a newcomer and act that way. It is extremely unprofessional and immature to even to that. Then to agree that you accepted it just for the sugar and replying with "Yeah cope". You should of explained your self in the OOC chat saying that you don't have time for this or "Here is what you should do" [FILL IN THE BLANK ON THE INSTRUCTIONS].
Besides, I do not have access to your screen nor can see it. So I all I can imagine is that there is nothing going on due to a glitch that happens and what other staff members say.
(They say that they cannot see the tickets that were made before they joined and they there is a glitch where they can't see some player's reports).

Also to respond to what you said earlier: "Also you said (23:15:48 Player Kidlonestar02 FC (Shipwreck Diver) called a sit for: Can you look at my forum report) not can I help you."
You did respond with a "." You should of asked for an explanation or say "reach out to someone on the discord server about the forum reports." You gave no clear response to me at all. So how would I even respond or know what to do? Besides, you could of as I state again. Question and Ask for More info.

Very immature and unprofessional.

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I think you are looking into this a little too deep.  He's was probably swamped with sits at the time as he was the only staff on, so I can understand why he did that. besides if you already know what to do ( "reach out to someone on the discord server about the forum reports." ) I don't understand why you made the sit in the first place. calling a sit to bring attention to a forums post is just not it. -1

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going to agree with heos you made a ticket in game about a forums post I wouldn't have brought you to a sit either that's more of a thing to talk about over discord not in game man i do not see any problem with what the staff did. -1

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ima agree w heo on this, the dude was the only staff on and it get vary crazy when your the only staff on and there's like 80+ people on we are only human and can only answer so many at a time. I think the staff is chillin and was trying his best and agree with what he did. I'm also gonna say this one more time we are human not robots its hard when over 10 sits pop up at a time and your the only staff on.

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I think Heo should have used one of the preset responses or replied with an actual message. I can understand him not bringing you, but responding with "." is not the right call.


Staff, If you aren't going to bring the player don't accept the ticket. And definitely don't reply with an empty message, use one of the presets at the very least. 


I'm going to accept this & will notify staff that if they are claiming a sit, they should be bringing them or responding with an actual message. No punishment for Heo, we will just use this as a learning experience for other staff on how to respond to sits. 

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