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umm my ban appeal i guess?


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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

For apparently exploiting my steamid to 0, or whatever. That's just what the ban says.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

You know, I actually just didn't actually do anything to make my steamid 0. Like the staff member said to leave the game but I declined, So he just banned me, and that's all! That's what I can remember, I was with my friend at the time UwU. So I'm just asking for an unban, This is my only ban I think on this server.

Who warned/banned you?

Nipple Farm

How long were you warned or banned for?

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18 minutes ago, Lweo said:

i'm pretty sure no body is above anyone?

All server members are equal, we know this, but staff have authority on the server, hence the reason they are called "Staff"


Listening to staff members is what you should do, we are here to enforce rules and keep the server a good experience for all, when a staff member tells you something, you should comply with it, we tell you things for your benefit, not ours.

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8 hours ago, Lweo said:

i'm pretty sure no body is above anyone?

In a person to person sense? yes. in RP? Varies on the scene and what roles/jobs. Rank wise? Staff are technically the ones to ensure the server runs smoothly, so in that sense staff are "Above" users.
Now as far as the ban appeal, and the situation behind it, If a staff had a issue with a Steam ID which can be fixed by relogging, which you stated the staff asked you to do, and you admittedly refused to do so. The staff was there to benefit you and ensure you didn't get into further trouble as having a steamid of "0" can be seen (depending on staff) as exploitation which is not allowed in the slightest in TitsRP, aside from that all the prior replies have outlined everything that needs said. -1

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If all you had to do was leave then you should have left. I don't think this should be a perma ban especially looking at your history. I'm willing to give you another shot. If tyz doesn't respond I'm going to accept and unban you

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