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Unban Appeal

Chapo Guzman

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In-Game Name

Chapo Guzman

Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

i was banned for making a straight trippy mirror base with a box room in a building but i didnt cover the floor sense admin told me i can make one as long as i dont cover the floor so i didnt and i was chilling with 5 other people including a admin having fun then cow ran in started deleting everything and once he was running out i killed him

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

because i had permission by another admin 2 actually that i can make my trippy bases as long as i dont cover the floor so he didnt have any reason to run in and start deleting it

Who warned/banned you?

White Cow

How long were you warned or banned for?

1 Day

i know 1 day ban isn't anything but it wasn't necessary even after i told him admin let me do it as long as i dont cover the floor he just said idc so i said just said tp me back im not gonna deal with it hes unfun,rude,boring

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This whole thing makes no sense, running in and deleting it, no prior warning, not spoken to by White Crow about the base, you kill him as he's in your base for legit no reason, realistically it is a raid if its not a proper staff situation, then you are banned for RDM with the reason

I'll wait for other staff responses for now, but this doesn't seem right

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