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  1. like PussyBanger said I checked your name for other bans/warns saw it wasn't your first time and u did do MRDM already so u should of know the rules and it looks like u did want to MRDM because u said u where bored after grinding meth. So sorry I have to say I cant accept this one but 1 week should pass fast man.
  2. Saying that my bad i didn't see the votekick on my side, i thought u left but u have proof it was a votekick so ill go ahead and accept this
  3. OK so on this one the votekick did not show up on my side it was during the time I was crashing so must of messed with me not seeing some of the votekicks for nlr id have to check the recording but atm I cant power went out again and idk what time it will be on its 11:28pm so someone can go ahead and unban if they on for just nlr
  4. i know 1 day ban isn't anything but it wasn't necessary even after i told him admin let me do it as long as i dont cover the floor he just said idc so i said just said tp me back im not gonna deal with it hes unfun,rude,boring
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