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3 sits not taken results in ban

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Your Steam Name: Water

Your in-game name: Waters

Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ZnThWater/


Why were you warned/banned?: Mass Rdm

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : Because Da Herbalist (which got banned as well) kept rdming me after I cuffed people, he kept doing this for a period of 10 minutes and i called 2 sits in those 10 minutes and none of the two got taken. At this point I ask mods if they are there or if any one of them were taking sits or online and i get no response. But after like 3 minutes I see big tits adverting several pd raids followed by adverting false so i take it as they won't take action. I start a vote kick against herb (rdmer) the vote does not pass as it failed and other people explain he is mass rdming, at this point still no admin activity. he keeps doing the rdming towards me and at this point i am frustrated at the fact that the guy has not been banned so I start begging for a sit constently and I feel that at this point he knows no punishment is going to him so he starts killing me outright for nothing, waiting for me outside of spawn at points. So i kill him as he shoots me, damages me or even kills me and this goes on back and forth as he always goes out of his way to kill me right after spawn. Then i ask for a sit AGAIN as he keeps rdming me and I kill him to keep him away. Finally after 15 minutes my sit gets taken after I call a second vote kick and it gets stopped by big tits so I say if they can take my sit now. Then I go to the sit and the guy says I rdmed him back even though i was only killing him when he shot me or targeted me by shooting at me. This leads to us both to get banned. I believe I should get unbanned because not only did I call 3 sits and started a votekick to get this guy away from me and only killed him when he shot me but I was targeted and the only way to stop this was to defend my self and getting banned for 7 days and receiving the same punishment is unfair and wrong. I believe it is not my fault that the sits were being ignored and that the only resort I had was to kill the guy that kept killing me which is basically not RDM in the first place since it was self defence but probably looked bad in the damage or kill logs. I understand big tits was busy but ignoring 2 sits in a time period of 10 minutes and in between them calling pd raids and false is weird. I am so annoyed that this happened and I hope it gets resolved.

Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Big Tits/5 day extension to 7.

Evidence: I did not manage to get evidence but oldgreg was afk and when i was explaining my story he admitted to say he is confused why my sits weren't taken. Other than that I have no video evidenc e or photo evidence because as stated before I did not think I would get banned aswell.

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I understand you were frustrated that the sits were not being taken but I was by myself at the time taking sits and was in sits during most of the sits you put up. Now onto the reason you were banned, you were RDM'd by said person and made a sit which is fine but you ended up targeting him and RDMing him back even when he wasn't trying to kill you, is not the way to get back at a guy that RDM'd you banned as now you are both banned instead of just him.

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Thats the thing he would go follow me shoot me or near me to try and kill me then thats when i would shoot him back, the only time i killed him when he did nothing was when i went to pd and called a pd raid, but aside from that he would target me and start shooting me so thats when i would shoot back and kill him.

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If someone else breaks the rules that does not give you permission to break the rules. There are 4 exits to spawn you could take to avoid the RDMer. Still, in these circumstances if what you said is true and you only killed the RDMer then I would be +1 for a shortening to 1d /unban. It is at the discretion of Big Tits however.

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As Herb said if someone is breaking rules doesn't mean you can break them too. You did the same thing that he got banned for, both of you were in the wrong and both got punished.  It was just him being killed but it's still Mass RDM.  I would have loved to reduce to 5 days or maybe lower but lying in a ban appeal is not the way to get yourself unbanned as per your reply, you did not just kill him when he shot at you but directly followed him and RDM'd them even when they were citizen or not doing anything to you a few times. This may have not been your intention at the start but you did. Video evidence can be given to prove. I think the 7 days is fair as you both did the same thing and got the same punishment. Don't let your emotions get to you next time my man believe me.

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Yea I did RDM him atleast twice but most of the other cases were when he attempted to kill me and once in a pd raid. I understand revenge RDM is also bad and that I let my emotions get the best of me but I find it extremely unfair and wrong that it took 3 sits 2 vote kicks against him and 10-15 minutes to get this ONE guy to be in a sit and the damage was already done to both parties. I know I did wrong but that guy was really getting under my skin talking smack everytime he could and killing me for doing my job was really annoying and it lead me to do this. If I will not get unbanned/lower sentence it is ok as I did RDM twice or 3 times which I do believe is mass rdm but just hope this situation does not happen to anybody else.

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