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  1. seeing as this has nothing to do with my mistake, this has everything to do with you completely ignoring the fact that i said the dude broke nlr and had to try and kill me multiple times, which you completely ignored.
  2. I have to manually clip the footage and i didnt know it was a fail law so i didnt see a need to clip it.
  3. For the record I thought we were somewhat friends and I was just messing with you, but I guess I thought wrong. I did not mean anything by it what so ever. I gave him a verbal because he was very apologetic. I am sorry I offended you and I know how to act in a sit, I just figured we were some what buddies and you could take a mild joke. But clearly I was wrong and I should treat anyone like a friend and just do my job.
  4. Alrighty, first off I didn't drop the money, (you can clearly see in the video I was talking not typing, clamps was trying to bribe you, as me and white crow were talking) and second off I was stuck in your car. I know the rule I said was wrong, but you told me you had your gun pointed at him. I will admit there was some slight misuse of my abilities that will not happen again, and I apologize for it. Also you were calling pointless sits all night, you would call sits for attempted rdm without even asking the player why he hit you. In some of the sits you were a bit helpful, and I thank you for that. I will take a thorough look at the rules and staff guide lines again, once I'm done typing my response. Becoming staff, there is an unsaid bargain, I get to help out the sever and represent it and show players what TitsRP is all about, I didn't uphold the bargain and I'm very sorry for that. I'm ready for whatever punishment you all believe is necessary and I will take it knowing I messed up.
  5. GamesFraser

    Ban Appeal

    Seeing as you dont really have a shotty record I'm willing to just make it a warn.
  6. STEAM_0:0:197326719 im just hanging out with my family i dont deserve the rank, it would just be cool for you to give it too me :)
  7. how am i supposed to get logs if im not ingame? and i was afk
  8. This is incorrect my friend, essentially this man killed two people within the same minute then proceeds to kill me. I have two witnesses that were by him when he killed them then me. These players are UwUchan and Merhaculous. they will both agree with me that this was mass rdm... White has already provided the evidence of him mass rdming.
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