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  1. I couldn’t reply to the old post so I made another one, sorry if this isn’t how it’s supposed to be done.
  2. @Rubik I have visited the CC Editor whenever I join the server. I have models favorited from awhile ago, but when I got my model added into the server I try to favorite it and it doesn’t work. The star turns yellow indicating I have favorited it but when I exit out of !ms and go back into it the model doesn’t appear at the top. I thought this could be because I had too many models favorited, but when I unfavorite one, the star turns grey or whatever to show I unfavorited it. Once again, I exit !ms and go back into it just to see the model I unfavorited is still at the top. Whenever I relog everything goes back to what it was beforehand. The one I unfavorited’s star is yellow again and vice versa for the one I favorited.
  3. just fix the scope issue please @Sugar Tits
  4. bruh just exploit infinite money and then drop 400m+ on t3s loser smh
  5. for example, i’ve died many times to bullshit rng like ‘bloom’ idfk what the actual name of it is, but that’s what everyone else calls it
  6. get stun gunned. die when the effect is still active. bug
  7. facts. i’ve had a legendary bleach in my inventory for as long as i can remember
  8. i feel like everything here could be a viable option except the recoil/spread. that shit is bad enough already
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