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  1. Alexios


    It has been 3 years. Things change, people change, hell, fucking math changed in 3 years. When all your warns come from one period of time, and you have absolutely no warns since return, I believe that shows change. Does it not? I'm not going to be breaking any rules anytime soon. I just want my record cleaned up. Anyone can tell you, I'm literally a new person. The only thing connecting me to skillpointHD is a list of warnings on a garry's mod server, that I'm still judged for.
  2. Also happens with the Stun Guns, die after being shot by it, you'll experience it for several minutes, a snapping effect and the moan.
  3. Alexios


    +1, I have 44 warns (an accomplishment) from when I was 12, this was 3 years ago nearing 4. I don't want to live with the sins of a 12 year old hormonal child.
  4. Alexios

    MassRDM report

    Real quick Abst, the king was potatos. In the video you see him open fire instantly upon me as soon as he sees me.
  5. Alexios

    MassRDM report

    They opened fire on half the server, and admin Cardinal was AFK at the time. Again 😏. Pretty obvious and for the other dude
  6. STEAM_0:0:179707967 I deserve it for my strides to become tolerable. I also am just going to bandwagon. I am upgrading my harddrive for christmas and getting 3 games for my switch.
  7. Alexios


    I'm thoroughly enjoying myself here, and making some good new friends.
  8. Alexios


    I'm sure, my servers also suffered server decay. Garry's Mod is dying, and S&box is in full-steam ahead development making hard strides each day. I wouldn't be surprised if we got early builds.
  9. A staff member told me to shoot my shot and try here. I don't have evidence, went through a few hard drives since then
  10. Alexios


    I am going back and reading old messages, I had a 24/7 holier than thou attitude and its even pissing me off, jesus christ
  11. Alexios


    Hello. I'm Alexios, formly known as SkillpointHD. Please for the love of god reset my name. To the point, everyone's criticisms of me was true. I was insanely fucking annoying, I played victim in the past, I was known to lie, and I was a fucking coomer at my age. What the fuck was wrong with me. It hurts to see who I used to be. Will I start playing on the server again? Depends. I'm wanting to put past to the past, and start as a newer person, I am a newer person. You cannot imagine the work I've put into self reflection in the past 2 years. I refrain from lying, though it can't be fully avoided. I am not a coomer anymore, why the fuck was I a coomer at my age, it still makes me cringe. I don't play victim anymore. I'm also incredibly self conscious now and I want to continue working on my annoyance factor, I feel as if I have improved on that front as well. I logged in 644 days ago. Wow. If you have anything to say, go right ahead, I'm listening fully.
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