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  1. Report has been accepted, staff member will be spoken to and punished accordingly.
  2. Yea as far as all evidence goes and what Isaac said, this seems clear as day that she had no intent to base but just wanted to kill the players inside.
  3. So you killed one person twice and another guy once out of rage, I can understand that stuff like this could frustrate you, but its better to report it rather than take it into your own hands because stuff like this happens. I honestly have no problem decreasing your ban to 3 days for just the IRDM so I am gonna ACCEPT this appeal, hope to see you back on soon.
  4. Lewd


    There was a group of people who put money in for you to get banned before, only for you to get banned on an alt for exploiting a week later, I am -1 for this appeal.
  5. After further conversation, this appeal is going to be discussed and finalized after a staff meeting.
  6. You did mess up by exploiting the chess thing but, I'm glad to see you are at least persistent on wanting to come back to the server, that's mainly what I was looking for, at least some form of remorse, so I'ma give this a +1 for unban.
  7. Honestly, it's pretty clear what you did, you jumped into a window a property without obtaining a warrant or even checking if the place was owned, its best not to go off of assumptions and make sure you are in the right before going through with such actions, you also claimed that he was jwalking which in the video it shows that he did not jwalk, you fined him for false accusation when it reality you should have gotten a warrant first, you were previously given a verbal warn for rda so this warn will stick on and the appeal will be DENIED as all evidence proves they were not violating any crimes that would prompt you to invade their home without a warrant.
  8. From my standpoint, you are clearly trying to provoke some type of reaction, it didn't really seem like an accident to me that you punched getter mid sit, I feel like it was intentional and for this Ima -1 for removal.
  9. Out of context, we take stuff like this seriously, also you literally said "Besides I'm a pedo" ran around for a bit around the sit in sitland then jokingly said "That was a joke!" You were warned for making jokes about pedophlia, regarded as toxicity, you're friends have also started targetting Getter because of the warn for ARDM, which isn't helping your case one single bit.
  10. Hey I'm the admin who banned ya, so I gave you a verbal warning at first because you are new, then I explained what you had to do in order to pd raid, you then went to PD and raided it, then died during said raid, so a sit was made and I brought you to explain what you had to properly do in order to pd raid and jailed you for 20 minutes so you could read the !motd. Afterwards however, you went back to pd and raided again with the wrong advert, I already explained you had to type out PD Raid not just Raid in /advert and saw you moving around the jail when I asked you to the read the motd to avoid these encounters, 1 day is honestly lenient in my opinion and I feel it was deserved because you clearly didn't read the !motd properly. Also the warn limit is there to tell you how many warns it takes to receive a ban without a staff member manually banning you, its an automated ban system.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, the dude you made a post on, isn't he hated just for playing as a cop or something? What was the reason for the post anyways.
  12. Lewd


    After some reviewing and scoping out of the rules and such, I can admit I was in the wrong with this warn, I am sorry for this and will ACCEPT this warn appeal.
  13. Lewd


    Hey I was the admin that warned you for failrp, so basically what I saw was you sitting in a base that you apparently warranted and I asked you to leave it because I had thought you were basing in it, however I checked the slogs to see what was going on and found out that you had intentionally warranted Seff who was the owner of the base to get inside and defend yourself from revolters. https://gyazo.com/41c0751087f2b1c689abdb2874e9eff5 as seen here you can see that you were you had the intentions of hiding inside of a base that you apparently knew printers or bitcoin miners were inside, but then you started to lie to me saying that you didn't want to go inside to base with them, that you heard printers and decided to raid based off of that, I also contacted Seff to get his side of the story and he said he was afk during this but your intentions were clear, you didn't raid because of printers or anything of the sort, you raided to get inside and hide from revolters.
  14. Lewd

    CC model is broken

    Hey what's up! Yea I believe your name is Chad Horse correct? I did say I was gonna give you the Riot Gear Model as compensation, I completely got side tracked after you asked and I'll give you Tagilla and the Riot Gear model for free next time I see you, I'm really sorry about this!
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