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  1. In-game name: Lewdtastic SteamID: STEAM_0:1:93170943 Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: Going to Reno, Nevada to gamble, party and have a good time.
  2. I know Queso's voice very well, he's a good friend to me but saying stuff like this isn't tolerated just because you're a well known player however! I don't think this deserves a week ban, this is Toxicity or Vulgarity at best which should have been a warn or if this was a continued offense like if he has a warn for this already it should have been like 1-3 days, I'm going to +1 this for a shorten'd ban to 2 days at best.
  3. Looking at the logs and seeing that you acknowledged that you didn't expect people to die means you had some sort of intent, despite whatever could be said, you should not throw a C4 randomly because the chances of it killing someone is still very high, in conclusion I will be DENYING this appeal. Next time don't throw an explosive in an area with lots of people in it.
  4. It's been four days already and no new responses from either side so I will be DENYING on the account of failure to provide evidence.
  5. Hey there I'm Lewd the Smod that banned you, I looked into this further because I felt something was really off and I noticed that the logs I uploaded were actually wrong except two of them, you were banned for MassRDM for killing three people not several people, it was a mistake on my end however you still commited MassRDM, I will be ACCEPTING this and I will reduce your ban to 1 day for my mistake and again I apologize for this.
  6. Is there any type of logs for this or something? Any evidence? From others perspective this just feels like an argument more than an appeal.
  7. Hey there, I'm the Smod that gave you the ban, so in order for you to kill someone they need to shoot at you first, pulling out a weapon isn't enough to justify that, I understand that you might have thought that but you abide by the rule just like everyone else as stated by Saiah. As for exactly what went on, you went on pretty much what could be deemed as a massacre if I'm correct. Not once can I see you actually trying to use your stun gun and about two of these kills can be jusitifed because I can see they started the fight but all of the other kills were you gunning them down because the
  8. Lewd

    Gang CC

    My Gang recently got to level 70, Gang Cc pls! Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:93170943 Gang: Hotline
  9. Lewd

    Unban request

    Further evidence for your fines was that you were Jwalking and you killed someone which you were then arrested for from these screenshots.
  10. Lewd

    Unban request

    Hey there, I was the SMod that banned you for MassRDM, post here are the logs where you killed the same guy and a few others as well as the sit you made only once. At the current time I wasn't around to see the sit so I'm sorry for that but that is no excuse to kill cp.
  11. This is just one piece of evidence, its not enough to come down to a conclusion and going off of word alone isn't good enough, we'll need something more powerful or striking like more logs or video evidence if you have any, if you don't then its fine your not required to do that but this log isn't enough for that, also he may have started the hunt and while he tried to come to kill you, the cooldown for selecting a target would have vanished.
  12. Lewd

    warn appeal

    I'm gonna put this as DENIED as Raccoons acknowledged the reason for the warn.
  13. I spoke with Blue about the situation and I've been informed that you've acknowledged you went overboard, I personally never had any problems with you however, I am going to ACCEPT this appeal and give the original ban of one day instead of the full three days, since its already been 12 hours, it'll be taken down to 12 hours, see you tonight or tomorrow.
  14. You were told to stop with the Textscreen's as well as stop spamming ooc with the hole Miss the rage thing, I requested that your ban be extended due to your non-compliance in the sit I pulled you into for pasting the Textscreens at fountain, I believe the three day more is a proper punishment.
  15. So I reviewed the footage to see how it sounds on your side because where I was, it sounds like he just said nigga, but after looping it over and over, you can actually mistake him for saying the hard r. Its because he says "Right here" after saying nigga so I would see why you thought he said the hard r.
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