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  1. yeah but no mod ever dose stuff for mayors unless its a failrp law or prop blocking or something. I could get rdm by pd and a mod will go "yeah just run for mayor again" or something stupid. plus I bet they don't have the power to automaticallh stop a revolt. I think they could kill command the leader. but a revolt starting and then having to type out a sit while in revolt is dumb. maybe the revolt has to be mod approved to happen and if no mods are on it get put to a vote like unfun. tho for it to actually work i think it should be based on like 10 people said yes instead of 25 people needed to stay yes to start.
  2. this isnt real life. it is a game where you can punch people to death cuz you ate too much food as a pig. it makes sense. also the times i see it done. they had the base wide open and the inside was decorated to look like a public base. but they set up a see thru wall and shot anyone who came in
  3. trust me. ive seen it happen multiple times. and people keep coming back to try to kill the person. hell once i saw atleast 15 people chilling outside a base just getting shot by the dudes inside
  4. yeah but they all use thier cc. meaning they got bacta bombs and all that shit bankl guard wouldnt have. also yall shouldnt be growing weed in a bank
  5. yeah thats not a good reason.
  6. jetpack def shouldnt be added. but i dont see how its op. cant really use it as an advantage in a fight. its more for just traversing the map faster.
  7. heres the john cena job change. didnt feel like adding it in cuz it would shift the text
  8. this is a huge list of stuff I've thought about over my time of playing. I'm open to suggestions and ACTUAL feedback not just "no that's stupid fuck you" General Changes and Items 1. Add Spiderman swep to cc: c'mon its a useful item and every base swep besides it and the jetpack is on the cc. it has its draw backs if you get show it basically stops you. make it like 20 mil or something 2. StatTrak: add a stattrak item to the game. it will work the same as CSGOs stattrak. you give it to someone and it resets. if you die and drop the gun and someone picks it up it resets it. make it a item the weapon modifier can drop like the name tag or make it a crafting recipe. maybe like a strange gem and 10 electronic components to make. its nice to have an item like this. customize your guns how you want. added after posted: for this one I think it should be in the stat screen for the gun and not actually attached to the gun. so when you hover over a gun it says the name. under is where the ST would be and the rest is the guns stats 3. Sounds: in the f4 menu there's a tab named sounds. you can mute sounds like certain guns and other noises there. BUT there's certain sounds you cant mute. for the love of god let me mute all the annoying jump and throwing sweps. most of them aren't funny and are just there to spam. also let me mute the grav gun noise, I hate hearing it from across the map cuz some low level is cooking meth or someone is basing. 4. Semi Auto Guns: idk the coding and technicality that goes into this but can you fix it to where I can actually spam a semi auto with 750 rpm as fast as i can? half the time it shoots 3-4 shots stops for a second and keeps going. 5. CW Weapons: long shot but hay. cool gun play (prob not gunna happen) 6. Inventory and Bank: can the Hud size be increased? i want to see more then 2 lines at a time. its kinda annoying 7. Inventory (2): there's an option to lock items in slots. but can I have the option to lock items but I can still move it and stuff like I want that item to always go into that slot. 8. Party assist: I don't know the full rules behind it but you should only be allowed to claim party assist AFTER your friend dies. 9. Unfun: now EVERYONE knows unfunning is useless. but here's how you could improve it. actually kick afk players. if you haven't touched your keyboard or mouse in a hour you're gone. these guys inflate the number way to much. 10. Revolt: revolting is abused way to much. to have a legal revolt at least 1 assassination must be attempted and 1 unfun must be attempted. but most importantly THE REVOLT NEEDS TO HAVE A REAL REASON. so many revolts are bullshit reasons. "mayor is smelly" "cop fined me" "likes femboys" you should have to give a valid reason to revolt and not just do it cuz you're bored. also revolting cuz there's 1 shitty low level cop shouldn't be valid. do !demote or actually talk to the mayor and get him fired. if the mayor is being an asshole. ignoring everyone. making everything illegal. saying stupid shit. have at it. 11. Gabe and Master Chief: make these roles fireable by mayor. 12. New Job Ralsei: the model is already in the game. basically hes a vip medic job. he has the medic bag and stuff. but he also has a hug swep (kiss swep but you remove the kissing noises and maybe it heals you fully instantly. ITS NOT KOS OR AOS.) (I know the model is owned by someone. but maybe they would be fine with it.) 13. CP Messages: give me the option to mute those dumb "player has been arrested for 120 secs" messages on the middle of my screen. I'm a farmer I don't care. 14. Quests: personally i think rewards for certain quests and just awful. "be unfuned as mayor 5 times" reward: 2 tier 1s and 30k darkrp cash and its the difficult quest. (added after posted Basing 1. Trespassing: I say this rule should be updated. you cant KOS for trespassing if you make no effort to keep your doors shut and/or locked. if you just leave them wide open for any joe to walk into you cant claim trespassing and KOS for it 2. Kidnap base: cant make a kidnapp base at the 2 buildings right outside spawn. its annoying 3. Bank: only bank manager and his guards should be allowed to base in bank. since the recent kingdom nerf bank has been the hotspot for sweaty weeb models to base in but most of the time 1 of them is bank manager and like 5 are random jobs. or just make basing in there with ents failrp just like mayor and pd do your job and defend bank.(imma get shit for this one) Job Changes 1. John Cena: made a post about a week ago about updating him to make him actually funny (see first comment) 2. Bloods and Crips: can we change this or something? they're not funny and most of the time its just low levels rdming everyone cuz they're not wearing red or blue or because they have a gun now. a friend told me a server he was on was Dorito bags. that's actually kinda funny Bugs (this is a list of bugs I've found. idk if any of these are intentional or not) 1. Pig: the pig job says when you become pissed it will give anyone around you covid. this only works on 1 person a day presumably after a server reset. 2. Harvest Processor: if you place one in the back room of the corner house in suburbs it will float in the air and wont move. and if you place it outside it wont fit in the door. (only attempted once. ill check again later and come back to see if i have the same results). 3. RPM: I think this is know but sometimes the gun wont shoot at the correct rpm. I had a 1000 rpm gun once and half the time it would shoot 1000 and the other time it was slow as shit this is not a finalized list. i might add more later when I think of or to change something
  9. ok so this is what you do you try to find a model of him in a suit or make the model rename him to John Xina ditch the chair and give him an ice cream cone. left click throws it like the shoe swep and makes the vine thud noise. right click dose the "bing chilling" sound effect could be the whole audio clip but preferably up to the 3rd Bing chilling you could give him a jump swep that plays the red sun mao zedong song. or give him the jesus book but red and make it play the song
  10. I have a quest to give people corona. but 2 things I've attempted haven't worked. in the pig job title it says once you become pissed you give everyone round you corona. this has only worked 1 time for the quest (and it was on accident) . I even got people to stand around me to help with the quest multiple times and it didn't work after that first time. also making and giving them corona burgers doesn't count for the quest. also I'm not level 31 so I cant use bird and I have bought the patient zero perk but that could take forever. making this cuz rubik told me to make a forum post about it. UPDATE after doing some testing. pig only gives 1 person corona once a day after server wipe. if you keep trying it doesn't happen again
  11. turns out lewd removed the model and said he would give me another model but hasnt yet
  12. I recently bought a model for 15 mil (less then a week ago) and now in the game its just a big error sign and it doesn't even show up in the CC editor. and yes i have source installed and the workshop pack installed. other players also said it was just a big error for them. but now the model is just gone from everything. but the icon for it is in the jobs menu. unless lewdtastic removed the model or something. this thing doesn't work. and im pretty sure hes still playing the game. sooo i either want the model back or my money it was the Killa model from lewdtastic
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