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CC model is broken



I recently bought a model for 15 mil (less then a week ago) and now in the game its just a big error sign and it doesn't even show up in the CC editor. and yes i have source installed and the workshop pack installed. other players also said it was just a big error for them. but now the model is just gone from everything. but the icon for it is in the jobs menu. unless lewdtastic removed the model or something. this thing doesn't work. and im pretty sure hes still playing the game. sooo

i either want the model back or my money 

it was the Killa model from lewdtastic

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Hey what's up! Yea I believe your name is Chad Horse correct? I did say I was gonna give you the Riot Gear Model as compensation, I completely got side tracked after you asked and I'll give you Tagilla and the Riot Gear model for free next time I see you, I'm really sorry about this!

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