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  1. It'll be nice to see some people I haven't heard from in years, and see how they are doing. I appreciate your input Blue. I won't let you down.
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  2. u alted & tried to deny it less than a month ago lol to explain what happened, u posted the nudes of an underage girl which i'm assuming was from your school (cp..) therefore the cave got terminated... i said this on the last appeal and other people were able to confirm and back the statement up. take it as u will. -1 from me.. i've decided to speak to tuss and hear his side and i truthfully do not know what to make of this situation anymore, so i will state out the facts. if these CP allegations are true, i encourage the corresponding parties to take this to the cops and handle this legally rather than forums. if you fear your anonymity by contacting the police itself, i will link this, which works just as well: https://report.cybertip.org/ considering Tuss was a minor, the child pornography charge is STILL a serious felony, the punishment for the lowest-level child pornography crime in federal court stands at: "possessing or "accessing with intent to view" child pornography under 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2252(a)(4), is a felony capped at ten years." whether the involved parties want to take this to court or not is up to them, but it is morally correct to do so, because no one deserves to have their intimacy violated and much more so that of a minor. that is just outright disgusting and most of all, illegal. highly. now, as for your behavior, i believe you can act like a normal person, and i trust that you will. we were able to have a nice chat and talk through the issues at hand while joking around even. i stand with a neutral and hope that the people involved do the right thing.
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  3. Do you by chance have footage backing this up?
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