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.shirt Ban Appeal

.shirt ♡

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Your Steam Name: .shirt

Your ingame name: .shirt

Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85872012

Why were you banned?: mass rda

Why should you be unbanned?: I didn't random arrest people i was arresting people who were inside of the PD, not the PD Lobby.

Evidence: I dont have evidence but I had to go somewhere so I left before i was put into an admin sit which would've sorted out this issue.

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I banned him.


There were multiple reports on you about RDA, as I took a look into logs, it shows you arrested multiple people. I accepted the sit, listened to the victim's story, and brought you but you logged off which led to a ban.


I failed to add LTAP to my reasoning so I apologize for that. However, if its true what you said then I don't see why not for an unban. 


I cannot unban until a higher up approves this ban appeal. 




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