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Ban Appeal Hatchet Tazz

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In-Game Name

Hatchet Tazz

Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?


Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

It was false, I warned the swat several times to move and he refused. Swat and Police were harassing my base for 20 minutes just to get a stir out of us.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

24 hours



I was never given a chance to show why I killed the guy.  The moderator did not give me a chance to show.

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I did kill a few people beforehand that maybe quite wasn't legal, but everyone in front of my base intentionally harassing us while we were attempting to base was uncalled for.  Even Cops have to abide by RP standards, especially with them constantly breaking and entering into a private residence.  Also body blocking entrances isn't allowed.  There were at times upwards to 10 people outside my base attempting to harass, and most were cops.


Rules for cops that were broken IMO include:

  • You cannot assist criminals or commit crimes
  • Cops require a valid warrant in order to raid a base. Raiding a base without a warrant is FailRP unless the door is open and they have committed a crime

  • Jaywalking is AOS (no crosswalks or examples given for legal street crossing) (examples of bad law)

I am hoping for a unbiased judgement unlike last night.

The moderator refused to show me the evidence provided by the offended party (even though I may not be liable to see it, but I could have countered his claim of RDM on the exact situation that happened)

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Also apologies for the terrible quality.  I recently downgraded my monitor to my 2nd due to damage to my main monitor so my quality wasn't the usual.  My medal should be fixed now to upgraded quality.

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