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  1. Lemon


    Explain why pedophiles and pedosexuals aren't the same. Wouldn't they both be sexually attracted to children, therefore making them pedophiles? I fail to see the difference. Also what you really did wasn't really satire. Satire is when you use humor or exaggeration to criticize something. What you said wasn't humorous nor an exaggeration because that's something actual pedophiles and people who would defend them would say. You're age is irrelevant as what you did encouraged an condoned pedophilia.
  2. Lemon


    You has been displaying concerning behaviors regarding pedophilia. I have evidence of him outright encouraging and condoning pedophilia. Whether he is joking or not that does not matter as his behavior encourages and normalizes pedophilia. In this video, You is running around with a sign defending pedophiles : https://streamable.com/pkwc71 Here is a screenshot of what the sign says: The following is a conversation where he talks about dating a 9 year old and being very toxic towards another player. 1) 2) 3) "You hurt my emotions by being pedophobic" 4) "I was mentioning how I date 9 year olds" 5) 6) 7)
  3. Those are nice printer holders
  4. Lemon


    Here's an epic meme I made https://streamable.com/x2lhx
  5. Lemon

    Weld Tool Bug

    The weld tool wasn’t designed to freeze props in place. If you go in single player you are able to move them. Also, last year I was able to move welded props on the server.
  6. Lemon

    Weld Tool Bug

    Bug Description: I was trying to make a boat using the weld tool when I discovered that welded props can't move at all. How to reproduce: Weld two props together and they will be frozen in place, even if you try to unfreeze them with a physgun. Priority: Low
  7. I don’t think processors are a significant cause of lag and a failsafe feature would make basing with multiple processors too risky because if one were to blow up you would lose the rest of them.
  8. I've seen people stop sprinting and they're still unaffected by the stun gun
  9. Lemon

    Report on Big Cat

    Your Steam Name: Lemon Your ingame name: Festive Faggot Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155825096 Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Big Cat STEAM_0:1:91135411 Evidence: Big cat was exploiting by shooting people who were entering PD while he was underground. PD was KOS at the time https://streamable.com/4tc45
  10. Bug Description: When using a stun gun as a cop CC, it only works half of the time. A sound will play indicating that you sunned someone but they will still be able to run full speed. How to reproduce: Try to stun gun someone as a cop CC. Priority: High
  11. But using adrenaline and bestials is way faster that the normal CP running speed. And stun guns don't always work either.
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