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  1. IGN: SJ_Weeb Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:88889934 Plans for Halloween: Chill I guess.
  2. Oh god I can imagine the scandals brewing up. Breaking news: REVOLUTION IN PLACE DUE TO MAYOR BEING GAY.
  3. God damn it Peanut. You were the 1st jukebox that I bothered coming to everytime you came on. Where I would sit there near the PD and look at all of the people trying to raid it or revolt. Oh, the spectacle I would have doing that and listening to your selective music of choice (mostly it would be others who chose it and your autoplay would carry on) If only I was there for your farewell. But sadly I didn't. It was sad to see the only person I would hang out doing his own stuff. Farewell dear Mentor Peanut Butter, my one and 1st friend I made on TitsRP.
  4. Grand opening or grand grand opening? All, stop asking blacnova questions. Wow, how can you enjoy a game that is optimized for a gameboy advance. I will look into it again and hope to see if it is good. I think blacnova will ddos people again if she gets angry. Yea, he does like stealing people's ips. I guess that explains the tremendous lag all of the sudden when playing in TitsRP now. Anyways, King of Fighters 1998-2004, Metal Slug 1-5, Devil May Cry 1 and Pokemon Red and Blue - Ruby and Saphire were the shit for me back then. If there was a new Metal Slug right now, I would buy the shit out of it.
  5. Your pfp looks like a generic anime character in a video game made by koreans
  6. Finally I can build my Citadel of Weebs. Those who do not join shall be circumcised and be hung as gargoyles.
  7. *begin swarms of 8 yr old kiddies who slur and scream at their moms for hacks in PvE* Also I already have a cracked version of mc back home and it works pretty well and can connect to cracked mc servers. Just need to tell my bro or sis to send me that file.
  8. SJ_Weeb

    Ban appeal

    So what you are saying here is that garage doors don't actually count as doors? Even though it is a big door in which plenty of people can just walk through without hesitation. Not to mention that there are ramps in the base in which people can use to get in easily. Also if there were people using the base as a means to farm money through printers, where is the proof for that? All I see from your proof is the front of the base, not the inside of it. It would have been helpful if there were such evidence, but you didn't include any of it.
  9. Quality of Life Description: I can't change back to a CC model in the CC editor after I have used !ms and change into another model. I have to relog into the server to get the model back. Also I can't place one of my CC models into !ms for some reason. How to reproduce: Try putting a CC model into !ms and/or try changing into another model in the CC editor with a selected model by using !ms. Priority: Low
  10. Again, if it doesn't have consent, it is rape. THAT IS FINAL YE THOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thank god someone said this. I agree on the money part as well.
  12. If that happens, I want a casino implemented in TitsRP or add new ways to earn money, cus right now there is nothing motivating about sitting in one room waiting for items to drop from procs. Thats for me at least.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287761874 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1287761857 Germany vs Russia in a game of chess in WWI, colorized. Nuff said.
  14. Nah, rather go with a measly mouse. Brought me up to the 500k+ rank. But still, Metal Slug is the shit for me when i was a kid. http://wanganmaxi-official.com/wanganmaxi5/en/ <
  15. Well in Malaysia, the country where I'm from, the school mostly don't deal with your shit or any sort of sickness. You just call your parents telling them that you are sick, sign a leave form, and you are off to a clinic. The clinics in schools are only there to either fake your sickness so you could lie down in bed and doze off for the rest of school, or provide vaccine shots, which they would do every year or so. But one of the high schools I attended, there was this awesome Indian doctor in the school clinic, who also teaches Science and Math, and it would operate like an actual fucking clinic, which was amazing for the school. He was also well respected. In short, replace every fucking school clinics with actual doctors with working experience.
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