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  1. 19:06:24 Player Richard Geico associate (Master Chief) killed Zeeky (Frost Walker) with weapon weapon_haloassaultrifle 19:07:05 Jason Bourne (zzz) used command bring : {"#19",} on Zeeky (STEAM_0:1:119929908) 19:07:28 Player Richard Geico associate (Master Chief) killed Zeeky (Frost Walker) with weapon gas_weapon_hands Then after wards you started to look my way but I froze you before anything else could happen
  2. I don't even know the person who made the sit on you in the first place so he is not my friend. You literally killed someone just because you didn't like them then killed them in a sit and from what it looked like to me you were going to do the same with me before I froze you. We get to all sits as much and as fast as we can but that's not possible with how many sits we we have 60+ players on the server. I stand with what i have said and i will give a -1 for a unban or shorten ban.
  3. Well even if yall have seen this before, this one is new
  4. All has really been said so +1 for warn
  5. With permission from CaptainT i have been told i can go ahead and deny this ban appeal as user was seen alting an another account to avoid his ban. DENIED
  6. Oh and when you click on the pay phone you can choose which hit man you would like to hire and then pick the target. This actually sounds pretty good tbh
  7. I’m asking legit questions here. Kinda weird you ask this
  8. Question is we’re you threatening someone with said fake ip? Also what would you be using fake ip’s for exactly?
  9. By any chance do you have any evidence for these claims?
  10. Some of the staff are as confused as y’all are about this and are trying to figure out what’s going on
  11. That is not enough proof to show he did it just to keep you from winning.
  12. Where is actual evidence that they said they only killed you for the money? Because i have yet to see any evidence showing this
  13. Minky said it and I agree so I'm a +1 for unban
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