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  1. proof that retro is doordash: https://imgur.com/a/uIAYQoD
  2. That wasn’t a verbal it was a warn I remember that. You used your stealth talisman to sneak in
  3. Yeah this was no accident. I would like to mention that someone tried to counter us right after he unpasted the dupe. This must have been why he unpasted it so the person can have easy access
  4. I doubt that. In the video you can hear gun fire happening before he pasted the dupe https://medal.tv/clips/48078010/d13377PR4qsi (showing the clip again)
  5. Oh then yeah that's my bad. Tbh, I thought that you were trying to bait us into breaking NLR aka going back to the base right after the raid was over.
  6. I don't see any message from you on the ooc or on any pm's
  7. He logged off right after the raid was over. I did make a sit and doge took it and I also DM blue and he told me to take it to the forums
  8. The model is wack now. 1 shotgun your dead
  9. I agree with buffing up the c4. Also, you were able to blowtorch the prop ^^
  10. The prop isn't that op, It just requires more effort. This prop brings new opportunities for basing. Overall +1
  11. HI! I was the one that called the sit. You were warned 2 times for the same reason that same day, you obviously didn't learn from those 2 warns. I really don't see why you expected a warn from this. Also, we haven't fully left the base when you were killed, we were still inside. Update: One more thing, you unpasted the dupe while we were raiding. You basically did that to go in the base and call us "No life's". https://medal.tv/clips/47113835/d1337VaY915n
  12. "Also i gave other staff plenty of time to take the sit, i pinned it and waited but no one took it"
  13. Also, the part when you said “He shot me for no reason” in the video was after I was hit by prove across sewers. I walked up to the raid and party binded as I was not on the doors during that time.
  14. Hi! I was the person that called the sit on you. You didn't include the part of you being warned for the same thing 1 hour prior to the sit. Also how is this biased? Tahxa tried to give you a 1 day ban because that was the minimum he can do. However, since you decided to ARDM me he felt that it was right for you to get banned for 3 days. https://medal.tv/clips/46011150/d1337FS9cKA4
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