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  1. I have mixed feelings about this. If someone is intentionally ruining the game at the moment, then yeah, something needs to be done, but I think this is just overkill. I think the current system is good the way we have now. Let's think about it this way, if someone keeps getting parking tickets, you wouldn't put them in jail for life after 5 parking tickets, that's ridiculous.
  2. I think Azuria is talking about the IQ debate you had in VC
  3. Based on what Abstergo said, I think the ban is justified. You need to put in a warrant before you raid a base as a cop, and even then, it needs to be a valid reason. Failraiding as CP and killing people can be considered RDM. -1
  4. I don't think he was hacking honestly. He wouldn't be trying to jumpshot and shit if he had hacks to instakill people. I'm gonna give this a +1
  5. There should be a bid option now then. That would be pretty cool.
  6. Agree with you I'm gonna have to give this a -1
  7. I still don't see why it should be nerfed when they aren't even viable in raiding or defending.
  8. Honestly, I think the shovels should stay the way they aren't. Yeah they might do a lot of damage, but you aren't going to snipe someone with a shovel. Best way to counter this is to sidestep and just use a gun before they can equip another shovel
  9. It shouldn't be that way though, as it shouldn't be easy to come back to the community after messing up so bad.
  10. I agree with the spawn of hell. It's so hard to track your target a lot of the time, because the outline only appears once in a while, so it's very glitchy i would say
  11. Dan Mcstubbins


    Yeah I wish so as well. Damn.
  12. What are everyone's thoughts on the game so far? I'll say what I think later tomorrow, but wanted to put this out there before I went to bed.
  13. It really shouldn't be that way, in my opinion, but that's just how it works
  14. No I meant in general. A Perma should not be easy to appeal unless it was by a rogue staff member or very overkill for the punishment at hand.
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