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  1. But that would not become a problem if you keep the mayor's office doors unpickable. I agree with you though, I think the only doors that should become pickable, are ALL the doors that can lead to the jail. You don't even have to do that. You could also just make first floor doors pickable as well, as that also leads to the jail, and you can think of grace period ending as an additional route to jail that is now pickable. That would be really cool, in my opinion.
  2. Honestly, this is going to against the tide, but I honestly think a ban reduction could be a good idea. You need to really step it up though, cause after the ban reduction, if you fuck up again, it's most likely done for you. Stop causing problems, and stop minging on purpose. +1 for a ban reduction to 6 months.
  3. You should have used the warn system, specifically, the advert warning system, if you thought he was going to shoot you. Otherwise, you have to actually wait until they fire at you in order to fire back, or else it is considered RDM. Your reasoning is indeed sound, but that is not how it goes. We have a specific set of rules in place for a reason, because if we went by the logic of killing someone when we think that they will shoot/arrest you, then rdm cases would happen a lot more often, so it's just better to just follow the system in this case. In summary, the warn is valid. -1
  4. So you had a change of scenery, and you didn't stop to see where you were after you were teleported? If you were a former icefuse Staff member, I would think that you would know what sitland is or what it is like to be teleported.
  5. Explicit content isn't allowed on the titsrp platform, regardless of what it is. Doesn't matter. If it was an accident, then sure, maybe, but you don't seem to regret your decision at all. Come on man, you should know by now that shit isn't allowed. I also recall you doing this type of stuff in discord as well, yet you still persisted on doing it. That baffles me. -1
  6. After discussing this with you, perhaps a reduction is the best option, but I am nuetral at this point.
  7. I try to actually tolerate your suggestions, but this is bad even for me, man. Worst suggestion I have heard so far. This would not benefit the game that much, I believe it would just make minging worse -1
  8. There really isn't anything new that I need to cover, as the other staff members are correct. Prop minging, loopholing, and following what staff say are all written clearly in the MOTD. If a staff member tells you that what you are doing is against the rules, then it most likely is, especially if you are being told by a Senior Moderator and up that you need to stop. -1
  9. not only that, pedophiles can use guns, so it seems like an unfair matchup to me, even with the smaller hitboxes
  10. Yeah, this sounds like a thing people could abuse easily. I'm not on board with this either.
  11. This. Before all this happened, I knew some people didn't particularly like me, but now, I am getting shit on more and more everyday, and people have been targeting me outside of titsrp more now than ever before. This was thanks to you. Sharing my YouTube Information will most likely force me to close down and remove all my information that I do not want seen in the eyes of the Titsrp community, all because you decided to delve into my channel via my link this anonymous person sent you. Now people are trying to skirt the rules, and post any info of mine that I have made public, and one dude even emailed me something in thai, saying that my family will suffer a great famine.(https://m.imgur.com/a/sI2j8WK) I know this is the fucking internet, but I shouldn't have to take this targeted harassment from a bunch of fucking people younger than me, who aren't even adults yet, just because this is the "internet." I am really disappointed in you, Kilobyte, as well as your friends. You guys should know better. I really want to try to get along with yall, but yall choose to belittle and harass me AND my brother instead. I will private everything I have, as well as remove everything from now on, so that people don't try to share this information otherwise, as this is just too far, and I am sick of it. Not only that, this could have costed me my career if this was to get in the wrong hands, because of an assumption you made. I don't wish someone like you back in the community, and if possible, I want you banished permanently. Firm - 1
  12. Provide the evidence that this is not RDM, and that you did not harass him. Also, you cannot just warn someone if they are not threatening or walking torwards you. It sounds like you hunted the dude and killed them, which is against the rules. That is considered rdm. Like Walter said, you could of just avoided him altogether if you didn't like the outcome of the situation.
  13. Well, you should of not let your brother do that if you are going to let them ON YOUR ACCOUNT. Its up to the SA's though, so we'll see what happens
  14. You were banned for clientside lua execution, which means you tried to use cheats or lua code. This is up for the superadmins though, as it could be something else as well, but thats the most likely reason
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