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  1. if you apply for staff and you get accepted, and you message me on discord, I will put you on my cc for a month. That, or you will get perms to my futaba model, or golf club swep, your pick. You have to dm me on discord in order to get the offer though.
  2. So I haven't played bounty hunter since the last update, but I feel like this is a fair penalty. If there was no cooldown, then you can just pick the same target over and over until you kill them. That means that they aren't able to have any breathing room at all, and bounty hunter would be RIDICULOUSLY overpowered at that point. Like Vexxy said, why would you pick an AFK player in the first place? Don't pick someone thats AFK, and pick someone that you can kill. I highly recommend this not be put into place. -1
  3. The evidence is pretty solid. You should try to get damage logs next time. They are really good when it comes to seeing who initiated contact, so make sure you have those next time so that it's definite. +1 for punishment.
  4. Try to see if its still a problem after the qol update. if so, then I would recommend video proof of the problem
  5. Dan Mcstubbins


    You aren't perma'd on your main account, are you? If you committed MRDM, then it isn't a perma. Alting while banned, is a perma on your alt, and makes your ban twice as long on your main though
  6. Still livin. or trying to at least
  7. I agree with Blue here . If they aren't going to take sits at all, then that's not acceptable. It's alright to just play, but if you are the only staff on and people have issues, you NEED to address them.
  8. That would only be fair. I think that should be the case.
  9. I agree with this. The hit boxes make it hard to hit them, especially when they use speed food. Make it so that they can't use enchanted weapons or food, and it'll be fair. If the models that are smaller already get nerfs, then becoming smaller should nerf you too.
  10. I think you could be unbanned, but doing something like this can mean that you might do something else in the same vein. It could cause issues with the server if you try to exploit it however you can. Otherwise, I don't mind you coming back. +1
  11. I don't understand why you were Perma'd for MRDM. I think it's a little weird. I will probably plus one this, but I have to investigate a little more first. Edit:+1. It's weird that you got Perma'd because of this.
  12. by the way, if you don't have supporter lifetime, it costs 100k to switch cc items. keep that in mind
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