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  1. Nuetral I actually know this guy met him a while ago in a different game, he saw me and a few of our mutual friends play and I honestly think he wants to get back to it and enjoy the server I'll be Nuetral just because I know the guy and it might be seen as bias if I upvote him
  2. Your ban was for cheating association and aimbot, this ban was done 2 months ago giving you plenty of time to delete any malicious files for rust you should have made this appeal a lot sooner.
  3. Unfortunately, I'll be denying this appeal - Lack of Support/Evidence
  4. Ngl some people get banned up to a week for racism but its up to cold to decide since he is the staff member who banned you personally I would have talked to you and given you a warning since you are new
  5. I'm not fighting it hard I already said what I needed other staff members can give their feedback if they agree or disagree is up to them whatever they decide I'm ok with I've been repeating myself
  6. the player hit him 4 times and stopped which I warned him for idk why you keep bringing it up your dismissing the fact he did it because he got wanted he legit said it himself during the sit he said i killed him because he wanted me
  7. i moved him back and from there he stopped I punished the guy for it hes new im not gonna just straight up ban the guy
  8. Saying what you said is the same way for me the potential outcome could've just been avoided if he didn't kill him
  9. Wasn't gonna let him arrest him I was tabbed in watching him I would have frozen him if he actually tried to arrest, but if there was an outcome I said I would rather have that happen
  10. All I have to say is everything the player did he was properly punish for, I just didn't like the fact that you killed because he wanted you he legit even stepped all the way back i would have frozen him with my physgun if he actually attempted too (not saying the wanted thing was alright it was gonna get removed by me either way)
  11. He did those two things while I was looking in slogs and for that I gave him 2 warnings and I'm not trying to "save face" if I warned you for something it's because you were in the wrong
  12. To add on what I said I was making a custom warn for the rdm and other stuff and for some reason it only warned him for rdm after the situation i got off to buy stuff (had to go to a few stores just came back) but im def getting on to make sure hes also warned for the other things he did. Also instead of freezing him i moved him back while he dmg you i was in the middle of looking at logs and than thats when the situation popped off of him wanting you and etc.
  13. Ok the player himself was already going to be warned for the prior situation he did. Since he's new I didn't want to straight-up ban the guy, anything he did towards you doing the sit would have also been followed with punishments. The only reason I warned you for RDM was that you KILLED him because he made you wanted from there the kid didn't even take out his arrest baton and even if he did I would rather have him RDA you than just killing the person. If he did RDA you I would have banned him on the spot and unarrested you all in the matter within seconds. -1
  14. never met him but seems like the guy made an impact the community respects to him
  15. Appeal Accepted The staff member who issued the ban has decided to reduce the ban
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