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  1. Ik in this situation if he did it maybe 3-4 times I would have but like I said he NLR 7 or more times plus he's experience.
  2. I'm sorry but you broke NLR more then 6 times, I would have warned you if it was probably just a few. In this case I won't be able to unban you due to how many times you broke NLR and how obvious the king laws were.
  3. Before leaving the base I open the door so I can come back in and I thought i fucked the door up or something it's not a valid reason to do what I did there's nothing to say about the situation could have handled it a better way
  4. No need owning up to it, it was 100 percent my fault on that situation there's of course a reasoning behind it but it was my fault in that situation shouldn't have done that
  5. yea no one can I even told you afterwards
  6. i was on the wrong of that i open the door and i thought it was fucked theres no excuse for that, that was 100 on me i shouldn't have done that at all.
  7. We can't steal dupes i hope you know that
  8. Raid Lord

    Ban Appeal

    He tried to kill me and the guy who made the ticket and once I banned him his friend tried to do the same
  9. Raid Lord

    Ban Appeal

    I banned you because you tried to kill me and the victim in the sit room, I was originally going to warn you because you were new but after that attempt to kill me and the victim in a sit is what got you banned.
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