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    i forgot my bad so sorry guys i think i can find it somew h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h here but i forgot where and how to so i forgot but you should just know me as tene or yourself or you i have alot of identities on discord im a tranny named tenessa but everywhere else im a guy so
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  1. Yourself

    auction gay

    ok? still looks disgusting in inventory, at the very least give an options in the !help menu to revert, auction house could look better i just dislike it. legendary + epic rarity categories would help out players going on there specifically for that.
  2. the game i was playing was not nsfw, i made sure of it by disabling all nude scenes, the game had a large breasted animated girl, wearing clothing, which was awkward for someone like an admin of the server to join and see me playing, streaming it to the boys. so i said he snitched, as 1) it wasnt in the streaming vc, and 2) fuel thought it was nsfw even though there was no nsfw scenes, so it was his word > mine
  3. if you need me to explain the game i was playing and show evidence i will
  4. lol demot3d staff is now a minge, nah bro u a bitch, also in mcstubbins.
  5. Yourself

    auction gay

    Bro this auction house looks so aesthetically displeasing. shit lookin so cramped and gay. also can we have "legendary, epic" rarities in weapons section, or just everywhere as people will upgrade shit like their megavapes. also please revert the inventory system, or give an option to, shit looks disgusting
  6. yeah florhns alt has 90 vip tokens lol just ask him - alt name is L*****M*****
  7. lol my man used gang tokens to 55 and hasnt even got enough xp to go 1 level over. however saying this i prefer spartan > rubik rn cus im holding a grudge against him so join ballas
  8. slightly relevant, there's also a fishing pole npc thing under the map, u dont need to know how i know, but even the text for the "buy now for 500$" doesnt show up above land. i mean if u niggas tested the npc there fair enough bro it just makes fishing for us dirty out of map exploiters easier 🤷‍♂️ edit its also under the same location
  9. not every arrest is going to be taken like a court, if weapons / sweps OUT are aos then dont have that shit out? its really not hard seeing as you're using the rule "laws cant be so harsh that players leave" if a guy is walking down the street with an AK out (im english so idk how this shit work in america) is that not illegal? are the laws too tough there? is it that hard to walk down the street with no guns out in america, + most of the swep parts of these laws are for shit like slappers, which deal damage, and masterswords, which are used to avoid arrest, bludgeons, which are used to kidnap, kiss sweps, which are used to rape etc etc. The coronavirus thing is usually a lockdown. They call lockdown, and have a law stating users outside during this lockdown will be arrested on sight, users inside their home are safe. This is RP, it doesn't make people quit the server, stand inside a building for 2 minutes. These are literally the most rp this server gets, and u dislike it? titsrp (altho it might seem like it) isnt a all loli model server, or isnt meant to be (i think), and just because people are roleplaying, or making laws that entertain the civil protection jobs, they are bad and should be banned from being a law? These mayors are the ones that make new users switch to police job, to gain quick cash, even if its not alot, and roleplay. The part that probably makes them want to leave is when they go to handcuff someone, the player just walks backwards so it cancels the handcuff, and then double pumps them with their 45 hp loli model. The j-walking part, is once again, rp. Even though not alot of users use the vehicles since their downgrade, it's still a roleplay scenario, that people shouldnt be mindlessly walking on the road when people could be driving down it. Even when people do drive down the road, its not anything like what we would actually do, instead of moving onto the sidewalk, which is where you're supposed to be, people on tits just stay in the road, get hit by the car which does like 5 damage, yell at the driver and then walk slightly away from the car. It's the players choice to leave the server, and the Mayors job to ensure that police on the server are enjoying their time and staying a member of the force. Is that the community's fault tho? Not buying cars? Maybe these masterswords and spiderman sweps shouldnt be so easy to obtain, seeing that you're saying they're more overpowered than a 75,000$ vehicle and 10 can be bought cheaper than that (i think). Maybe we should nerf masterswords and spiderman sweps so vehicles are used more!!!?!?! Or just do what we normally do and buff the thing and make the server more dumb! I also think vehicles can be faster than spiderman sweps if no one was on the street, ie end of indust tunnel to end of suburbs tunnel. Masterswords, nah. Uhh what. Either you're going down the wrong streets or you're lying. People hold guns out for literally no reason sometimes. Other times they will hold their gun out and jwalk, incase a cop cuffs them so they can kill them. They have the intent of killing the police officer. Let's say they are using self defense, if 2 people are on the street fighting. and a cop only sees part of the fight, where one is completely destroying the other, is it not that cops job to stop the fight, or should they let you keep going because they don't know if its self defense or not. CP stands for civil protection (or chpo depending on context), "Civil defense (civil defence in UK English) or civil protection is an effort to protect the citizens of a state" Nah they should let a citizen die to another citizens hand because they're not sure if its self defense, they'll ask after! gonna be honest my brain not working rn cus i was texting FEMALES during this. i most likely repeated myself, or made invalid points with retard claims.
  10. probably still have autism, chance ur playing mr bones which resets ur accessories until u next relogin, if you havent then get scammed lol
  11. i would give 20m but they banned me. get in contact with me and ill arrange smth <3<3
  12. soudns like gandalf with more shit and that already causes unnecessary sits
  13. imagine spending $200+ on suga and still owning a bad gang 😕
  14. gonna be honest homie when ur slouched over holding weapons your shoulders and up on your hitbox sometimes cant be damaged. it registers u shooting them but they dont take damage.
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