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  1. Hallow

    Bug Scenario

    If you could be a bug (of any kind), what bug would you be and why? Personally I'd be a lil worm or somethin
  2. I disagree. It's time for a selfless contribution to the betterment of the TitsRP community. The best way to do this is to come together as a collective initiative to achieve this. But to each their own.
  3. Making TitsRP a better place, who wouldn't want that? :D
  4. For starters, your "evidence" provided is only a video of you going to the bans on the website and showing that you were, in fact, banned. I don't think this adds any sort of practical substance to your appeal. Secondly, you are not a new player and insisted that you only read the "important" rules to try and validate why you "didn't know" it was a rule. This is very much minge behaviour and a contributor to as why your punishment was extended from a simple warn to a ban. Player Mega Faggot is who called the sit, and he recorded when you committed RDM, and a majority of the sit. Here is
  5. Hallow

    Ban Appeal

    You must be referencing to line 136 on the pastebin: [Trial Mod] Hallow: Well, you've already admitted to lying, but I will be extending that punishment to a tempban for lying Like I said, a single RDM can be anywhere from a verbal to a 3 day ban. Like I also said, I was originally going to give you just a !warn for RDM, but then you insisted on lying, and the receipts are in my first reply to this thread. Like I said, I was using "Lying in a sit" for justifying why I gave you the 3 day ban instead of the warn I was going to give you. And even though it was your first offense, it is a
  6. Hallow

    Ban Appeal

    To begin this, you failed to provide the entire ban reason: The sit was placed on you for a single RDM (killing player Chenfu) during a revolt in which you claimed you were "protecting the mayor." To this, you claimed you were undercover. However, your job name would still have [COP] in front of it if the job was actually a cop job, regardless of being undercover or not. I checked logs myself, and you did not, in fact, have the [COP] tag. At the time of killing Chenfu, you were not a COP class (as shown by this log in this excerpt from the copied chat, going from the time I brought Ch
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