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  1. I disagree. It's time for a selfless contribution to the betterment of the TitsRP community. The best way to do this is to come together as a collective initiative to achieve this. But to each their own.
  2. Making TitsRP a better place, who wouldn't want that? :D
  3. Hallow

    False banned

    For starters, your "evidence" provided is only a video of you going to the bans on the website and showing that you were, in fact, banned. I don't think this adds any sort of practical substance to your appeal. Secondly, you are not a new player and insisted that you only read the "important" rules to try and validate why you "didn't know" it was a rule. This is very much minge behaviour and a contributor to as why your punishment was extended from a simple warn to a ban. Player Mega Faggot is who called the sit, and he recorded when you committed RDM, and a majority of the sit. Here is the video: In the video, it is obvious of your mingey behaviour, which is not acceptable. In addition, in !motd under Misc Rules: "Killing people at NPCs has no purpose, you don't gain anything and therefore is RDM and a ban-able offense." Because of reasons obvious within the video and what I've stated above, I would not accept your appeal.
  4. Hallow

    Ban Appeal

    You must be referencing to line 136 on the pastebin: [Trial Mod] Hallow: Well, you've already admitted to lying, but I will be extending that punishment to a tempban for lying Like I said, a single RDM can be anywhere from a verbal to a 3 day ban. Like I also said, I was originally going to give you just a !warn for RDM, but then you insisted on lying, and the receipts are in my first reply to this thread. Like I said, I was using "Lying in a sit" for justifying why I gave you the 3 day ban instead of the warn I was going to give you. And even though it was your first offense, it is also many MRDMer's first offense when they decide to hop on and MRDM. Regardless if it was your first offense or not, you decided to lie, and got caught dead in it. Punishments vary because they also take into consideration surrounding elements. The main element being you single RDMed. The surrounding element being that you lied.
  5. Hallow

    Ban Appeal

    To begin this, you failed to provide the entire ban reason: The sit was placed on you for a single RDM (killing player Chenfu) during a revolt in which you claimed you were "protecting the mayor." To this, you claimed you were undercover. However, your job name would still have [COP] in front of it if the job was actually a cop job, regardless of being undercover or not. I checked logs myself, and you did not, in fact, have the [COP] tag. At the time of killing Chenfu, you were not a COP class (as shown by this log in this excerpt from the copied chat, going from the time I brought Chenfu to the time I banned you): In regards to the miscommunication, this was cleared during the sit. I unintentionally included the portion of Chenfu's chat because it was sandwiched in between your admit. Here is the portion of the chat where you admit to lying and admitting to what: Here is where the miscommunication happened: In this screenshot, I copied and pasted previous chat where you said "dong" and "got me there." The miscommunication happens in-between those two messages with Chenfu's input. You believed I was referencing to that, when in reality, I was referencing to me saying your class was NOT cop, Chenfu's pasting of the death log to prove this as no [COP] tag is seen before your job name. In the last line of this screenshot, you can see my clarification of this. In reference to "being banned for lying in a sit," this is false. You were given the maximum ban for a single RDM. I included "Lying in a sit" to justify why my choice of banning you for 3 days was more reasonable over just giving you a simple warn, which is what I was intending on doing but then you insisted on clinging to a lie. For those wanting the complete sit chat I copied, here is the pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/2Y7xxNcA In conclusion, given my statement here, -1
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