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  1. ouiiiii yes, +1, but also add a lot of other npc's cause it's really empty + spawn so no cuff or rdm : ) eeee gonna be a -1 from me unless you also add commands for other NPCs, don't give the ah special attention just because it's new
  2. inventory looks like pure horse shit to me please revert thanks
  3. you can make sewers aos though, bam easy fix
  4. Let me ask everyone a question: Do you think J-Walking laws or any other law that mayors normally put to be a dictator should be allowed? The only real reason it could be allowed is because the reason for it being added is because of "Cars are driving around the streets", but in reality there are no cars. If my memory is good and well, then cars are 75k each, more than a player's starting cash which is 50k, so new player's can't buy it, and anyone who's played more than a week to get a few hundred thousand already has a master sword and maybe a spiderman gun to get around, making cars completely useless. Since we've established that cars are basically useless, the J-Walking is illegal law is unreasonable and stupid. Now for Weapons/Sweps are AOS/fineable. There's no reason for this, if someone holds out a gun it's because they're ready to defend themself from an rdm'er. And if they're an rdm'er, then arrest them for murdering someone, because murder is already a default illegal activity. It's simple to rule this out because it just isn't reasonable, and is dumb. Let's now talk about PD is KOS/AOS. If someone were to PD raid, they'd do it outside, not inside. this is literally a rule. By default, past second doors of the PD is AOS, so you can arrest anyone for being back there if you believe they have evil intentions by being there. By making the PD KOS/AOS, then you make it impossible for new players to get armor so they don't die by a cop or cc in crossfire, and you make it impossible for someone to buy a civilian phone to call the cops because people are doing something illegal, or maybe they themself have been kidnapped and they need to call the cops. All of this should show you the laws are stupid and unreasonable. Below, the lines numbered are rules that the laws above are affected by, except for #2 in the list. 1. Make your laws something that your officers can enforce, you cannot make rules that allow players/CP to kill each other 2. Your laws must follow some sort of RP guidelines. Making them stupid will result in you being demoted and or kicked. No one likes a dumb mayor. 3. Laws can not target an individual group, class, job, or person. Make your laws general, and make them affect the entire town. You can restrict areas of the map, but not force people to be there. Now, let me show you another law that could be allowed since it follows all 3 above. "Everyone is AOS, there is an outbreak of CoronaVirus, you are needed in PD Cells for virus checks." Since the reasoning of everyone being AOS is because of an outbreak of Coronavirus, that makes it fit in with RP, since coronavirus can be very easily spread, because when you cough anyone within a few steps of you should now be infected, so stand in the fountain and the streets will be infected in minutes. Smoke, one of the only ones with a gas mask can go out, fully protected, to arrest anyone on the streets that may have corona, so cops can enforce it. Since it's everyone who we're concerned about, it's not targeting an individual group, and instead is targeting everyone on the streets since it's supposedly infected. There is one rule I didn't put anywhere above, it's this: Your laws must not be so harsh where it makes other players leave the server. They will vote you as an unfair Mayor in which you will be demoted. Both J-Walking and the law I've come up with break this rule. someone new to the server doesn't know the laws, so they start walking along the roads. a cop comes up and fines them for j-walking, the new player says it's rda since they think there are no laws like that, and they can't check it cause they don't know !laws exists. so they continue walking on the road to their destination. another cop comes up and fines them for j-walking, they decline the fine and usually go to jail for 5 whole minutes because it's normally a 5k fine. They rage quit. They're not about to spend 5 minutes for walking in the road where the only danger is cops or civilians shooting them in crossfire, NOT because of cars. Now for the Everyone is AOS, someone gets autowanted randomly because of this law, and they spend 90 seconds in jail after calling a sit that just isn't answered because everyone's aos, it's a law. They go out, and start walking to a house to own. They're arrested once more. although this law is a bit more harsh than j-walking, both of them aren't allowed because they make players leave. Now I'll talk about a law like "Weapons/sweps are AOS." In this server, with j-walking being a law, there's a lot of cc's and cops that fight because the cops tried to fine the cc. So a gun owner carries a gun to make sure they can protect themselves if someone might shoot them, maybe in crossfire or in self defense. once they start shooting someone in self defense, they're instantly cuffed and fined, then probably immediately killed by the person who was shooting them before now that they're cuffed and helpless. When fined, they may leave because they were fined for basically self defense. Then maybe the person who was shooting them gets cuffed too and fined for their weapon and killing someone. It's a lose for both of them, and a win for the strict cops. Hello people who only read this part cause it's short. Now tell me if I made sense with this post, or call me a retard for posting this. I didn't completely re-read everything, so I may have repeated something or had bad grammar in some spots.
  5. this happens for any shipment. drop the "weird bulk" thing, use your physgun to freeze it in air, spam e and left click with inventory pickup. that fixes it so that it doesn't drop all the packs when you're forcedropped, and you can drag it out of your inventory to quickly use it, it should only take 1 - 5 minutes depending on how slow or fast you are. (I do want this to be fixed though,, cause it is pretty annoying) are you really this lazy? it's one right click, and one left click to drop something, or you can drag it out of your inventory. if the "or sell them to a buyer instead of dragging" means dragging it into gen buyer to sell, that doesn't take long either, it should be less than a second to drag an item there, and should be less than a second to sell and then reopen the screen if you have a lot to sell that's disgusting, let's not become one of the servers with RGB "Cutie" or "Cool Guy" tags. personally I kinda enjoy ocean noises, so don't mute them for everyone, but instead make an option somewhere in f4 menu to mute it btw stopsound does work, but only for a few seconds since like supermarioben said, it'll just restart the sounds it's surprisingly not that common to be the purple error texture model as assassin, you can still be the swat model or swat medic model, but it is a dead giveaway when you are that model that you're the assassin, since you can easily be killed and have it not count as rdm because "metagaming isn't in the rules, and I know by heart that model is the assassin, which is why I killed them." +1
  6. ah yeah, time to turn my 30 csgo knife shipments into nothing but c4 shipments, lets go
  7. you're completely right, so I'll take this as a sign saying I can raid, even if I'm alone. drug farmers will fear the lone raiding dog
  8. title says it all. The description of the Police K9 job says that it cannot raid, but you can also see it spawns with a battering ram. It can also see drugs through walls from quite a far range. like cmon guys, how can you give me a BATTERING RAM and the ability to look at drugs THROUGH WALLS and not let me raid, smh
  9. this has happened to me multiple times before too, except not with heal food. I've got speed food I use a lot, and I drop one to go fast, but instead it makes a barking noise, which is usually a modify to guns. So, I drop 5 more to see if it was just a glitch with one, and then I get the same result. Next day, it still happens. someone please fix this
  10. right now the ammo bind only gives 35 bullets for any gun, isn't that enough? you can use it every second I'm pretty sure, and even when I pd raid, I just press it 3 times for 100 or more ammo in my as val, and once for my shotgun, that lasts me the whole pd raid. I'm thinking of using the mouse wheel button as the ammo bind for the minigun, especially since you can get more than a whole mag of ammo before you're out of the one you have in the minigun now that it's been nerfed to 150 bullets. safe to say, it's good where it's at.
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