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  1. don't get me wrong it's come a long way since I first started playing, but for returning players who either bought other people's models or special weapons from people who either left the server or decide to get their asses banned are screwed over, so all that time they've spent grinding for the money to buy that stuff is now gone something that would help safeguard that.
  2. A better refund system for people who have paid for cc models or sweps from other people and have lost them cause either they left the server or have been perma banned
  3. Why do you even question what he gets banned for anymore?
  4. Just wait till I get back on in a few days you, you can chill and joke with me lmfao. I've been gone for a long time, but I ain't gonna not be a troll
  5. Shouldn't you be out getting some hoes.
  6. sounds like a typical day on titsrp.
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