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  1. SCP 343

    Ban appeal

    Agree with Jack's post. Our server prioritizes education over punishment, and it's important that players are informed about rules that they may not know. I am +1 for an unban and +1 for a warn as well.
  2. SCP 343


    Evidence provided matches up with your story. I suggest you make sure your friend doesn't pull something like this again. I will be ACCEPTING this appeal.
  3. I've said this before, anyone can turn themselve into a better person, and you've shown in your appeal you have that ability to be better. +1 for unban.
  4. delete your account bro
  5. I think there's a possibility that you can come back and redeem yourself from what you did, with obvious limits such as being unable to apply for staff. I've known people who've done other bad things and have grown from them, I know you can do the same. +1 for unban.
  6. What could have possibly mad to the point you search hacks for gmod on youtube and attempt to use them on the server? That just doesn't sound right. -1 for unban.
  7. I like a lot of these ideas, especially the Bank Manager one. Currently, I don't see the use for the job, so it would be cool to see the Bank Manager be able to do stuff. +1
  8. titsrp players are on the no-play list on icefuse. join it and you will be shot irl
  9. Post has been forwarded to superadmins. Please wait for their response!
  10. SCP 343

    Add Piss SWEP

    now we need the random chance of getting a UTI where you die if you try to use the piss swep
  11. happy birthday to awesome minionator. all grutards SUCK MY DICK!
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