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  1. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/11AWGa7nunOFxq/UavTzShBz8Wx?theater=true
  2. I need to $linksteam to my alt discord account so I can use the discord server properly. /I need to unlink my current discord account to relink it to my new one. it says this https://imgur.com/a/0x6HvIQ
  3. Trying to respec gang talents and I dont see anything for it. Am I just blind or is there a reason why gangs cant respec stuff?
  4. alright well, I am still waiting on word weather i can join on a SFW alt or not
  5. So you are saying that your community will not let me change my server profile to fit your rules and that I need to change MY main discord account around to adhere your rules. Am I allowed to join on an alt discord account or does that count as alt-ing and get me banned too?
  6. My whole point is to be allowed to change my server name to something else, As the nickname function is not enabled on the server. If people click my name in the server they will be met with an edited profile that has no links, or mention of my other stuff
  7. Would the server profile option work or just join on a while different account be better?
  8. For me it says I can't, "SHARK" would be find with me
  9. THe forums page to change my name says that I can't as my name has been changed in the past 24 hours, yet I haven't touched that page in a few months
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