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  1. Would the server profile option work or just join on a while different account be better?
  2. For me it says I can't, "SHARK" would be find with me
  3. THe forums page to change my name says that I can't as my name has been changed in the past 24 hours, yet I haven't touched that page in a few months
  4. I am more than willing to make a new account to join the server, however I'd want to inform the mods that I had rather than get found with an alt and banned for that
  5. No I didn't share porn in the discord, my name had led to a site that shows art
  6. Was banned from the discord while drama was happening, someone tried to get in contact with me while I had been getting threats and pings all day(I had been also blocking anyone who pinged me while not even reading the messages)
  7. Put this here as idk if it would be considered a bug, so I'm suggesting it should be changed to be easier to see the cards
  8. It is nearly impossible to actually see the cards on the table, due to low lighting, and the way the chairs work, if it's possible to fix this it would be nice, rather than having to get out of your chair and look at the cards and fuck around to sit back down just to see what you wanna do
  9. A way to keep your cc body group edits the same when you switch off the job or cc? no idea if this would be possible, just annoying to have to do all the time
  10. why did you make all your info public as a furry porn artist...

  11. If i am still asleep when mods get to this @jolly rockjawz#9633 on discord has the files
  12. At this time I am headed to bed and will provide the zipfile/ set of images to any admins who want it on discord when I wake up
  13. The main reason im making this report is because I have very little rep to begin with, now I have even less, and while I was afk they continued to call me "slurs" and harass me over ooc
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