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  1. I took this picture at MEPS! I'm amazed you have a 3 year old picture of my foot.
  2. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove here or what you want to get done by doing this. You continued to try and steal my bike after being killed 2-3 times. You placed a sit on me which was found false just because I fined you $250 for trying to destroy my bike. Not only that but this report STINKS of false info. I told you and i quote off logs right now. "what you're doing can be considered harassment knock it off." So the whole "He threatened me with a ban ;_;" doesn't work. I simply let you know "Hey, you're targeting me and trying to steal my bike which can be considered harassment" which also by the way could totally be taken as mass NLR because you kept coming back to enter the same rp situation you just died from. So yeah, what's this report about?
  3. Didn't want to have to reply on this but seeing as he's not going to write exactly what and why he was warned I will. Situation 1 is correct enough, I did warn him for situation 2 aswell, revolt had ended and he continued to shoot at and kill a cop. He wouldn't have got this warning due to it literally being 16 seconds after revolt ended but he piped up and started to say some stuff about "I don't care about what a t mod has to say blah blah blah" so the disrespect was what pushed the warning to happen otherwise it would've been a verbal. Let's not forget the two times he attempted to rdm me and I let him off the hook because I could tell he was heated and didn't want to provoke it anymore.
  4. Why are you preemptively preparing a c4, that will go off before they can even fire a shot for officers pursuing you up a stair case? Is that not the literal description for RDM off suspicion? You don't even know if those officers were coming, nor did you have to prepare a bomb to kill them all with no action towards you. Everything you did was intentional and you were planning to kill them before they could even act based off the timer on the C4. I appreciate the apology but at this point it's gone a bit further than that just because I even had to make this report because you refused to acknowledge. Your logic also still doesn't add up. If we're both full health and armor and the bomb goes off in YOUR hand. You would also die along with me, but I was the only one dead. And you also seemed to ignore the part where you literally walked up and put about 5 shots into my body while I was in bleed-out. Everything you did was intentional. You meant to kill me, you even went for the finish before anyone could revive me. THIS is the loophole I was talking about. You ignore the important details such as you literally coup de gracing after you chucked a bomb which if went off in your hand would kill you and possibly me based off distance IF it went off in your hand, which based off you living and being able to put shots into my body was not the case. You infact chucked the c4 at my forehead and went to finish it.
  5. Honestly confused how pulling out a literal bomb is not an intent to kill me. What I am trying to get from this report is you to recognize, you rdm'd me intentionally and you trying to get out of it is even worse. I figure the staff team doesn't want that kind of behavior from a senior moderator. I'm not going to do this back-and-forth where you state you did nothing wrong over and over when you clearly did have the absolute intent to kill by even pulling out a bomb before I did an action. Going to wait for a higher-ups input instead of just having pointless arguments.
  6. The whole "Mistakes happen" and such. It wasn't a mistake for you to pull out the explosive to begin with. You were already planning to kill me before I even attempted to do anything. I also forgot to mention you walked over my body and began shooting into me while I was bled out. I also had full health and armor and was further away from the bomb then you were so you would've taken full damage and I would've taken less, if we're looking at it as if "It went off in your hand."
  7. Only thing was, there was noone pursuing you at the time as I was the only who saw you do something that was against the law. We both were alone on the roof and you spawned it at first sight of me. And if it "Went off" in your hand you would've died aswell. But you didn't. which means you tossed it at me. The real issue I have is you not taking responsibility as a Senior Mod to admit "yeah I fucked up a little bit." but instead tried to loophole your way out of it.
  8. Your Steam Name: Sushi roll Your ingame name: Karmahunter Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/KermitTheFrog12315/ STEAM_0:1:37135007 Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): The Friendly Canadian/`STEAM_0:0:168539241 A Friendly Canadian#7645 Why are you reporting said player? We were playing at the current time around 3 am eastern, with pretty strict laws and I was on my cop cc. I saw A Friendly Canadian master sword up onto a rooftop, sweps were illegal at this point, so I simply jumped up there aswell, took a look at him and he pulled out some explosive without me provoking in any way or even acting and proceeded to toss said explosive at me which knocked me into the bleed out cop cc perk, and he watched as i bled out. I am only doing this report due to him trying to loophole his way out of getting in trouble for his mistake and trying to say "Well, I didn't get a hit marker mistakes happen it went off in my hand." Evidence: https://pastebin.com/Gwcat29v The evidence is mostly in the pms between us right here of him admitting and trying to loophole out of the situation.
  9. Get out of here booper. You resigned 10 times.
  10. Welcome to the server, idiot. Fuck you.
  11. Yeah sure. What do you need .50 for?
  12. It's my birthday today guys, post some good shit, or some bad shit about me for my birthday, i'm 19 today xd
  13. Glitch happened to me a few days ago, Denied
  14. Denied, Accidental mug
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