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All official server stuff goes here.


  1. Discussion

    General discussion about the server.

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  2. Reports

    Post here to report players or admins.

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  3. Ban / Warn Appeals

    Banned or warned? Write an appeal here!

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  4. Bugs / Exploits

    Report all bugs and exploits here. We most likely don't know about them or they would be fixed already. You can also report bugs and exploits privately via Discord. #bug-report

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    • Rubik
  5. Suggestions

    Want something changed / added to the server? Post them here!

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  6. Videos / Screenshots

    Have a funny or awesome moment? Share it with us!

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  7. Gang Recruitment

    Recruit members for you gang here!

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    • hoop
  8. Player Services

    Buy/Sell, advertise your services, or provide helpful info for new players.

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  9. Support

    Get help from other players and staff fast.

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  10. Tutorials / Guides

    Player created video tutorials, guides & other helpful info. 

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