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My internet went out mid sit and I got banned for "RDM+LTAP"


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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

I was in the middle of a sit and my internet went out and now I'm banned.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

The Detective had been through two separate sits with me because he had been trolling me all morning, resulting in him being warned for NLR, verbal warned for NLR, and told to leave me alone. He obviously couldn't do that and involved me in a third sit, which is where I lost internet and was banned for 'RDM + LTAP'. Which is bullshit because I only killed him after he had entered my base, and killed someone who was basing with us, and I didn't 'LTAP' I disconnected because my internet went out.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

24 Hours
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From my POV since you were the person who was reported for RDM. I was looking into the logs for info and closed out of them you had left. I checked logs to see if you DC'd and saw you did. I waited a little and you hadn't returned so I banned you for LTAP. If your internet truly went out then I dont see why you shouldn't be unbanned. 




Player kooky (Preacher) (STEAM_0:1:60771873) killed The Detective (Master Chief) (STEAM_0:0:148155771) with weapon tfcss_msda <17-11-2023 / 14:38:10>
Player The Detective (Master Chief) (STEAM_0:0:148155771) killed kooky (Preacher) (STEAM_0:1:60771873) with weapon tfcss_hk416 <17-11-2023 / 14:30:31>


Player kooky© (STEAM_0:1:60771873)  disconnected from  the server <17-11-2023 / 14:42:54>

NaKing (STEAM_0:1:605851638) banned kooky (STEAM_0:1:60771873) for RDM + LTAP 


*Side note, I hadn't known about the previous sits with you and the other guy*

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I believe this might be true, since you both have been reporting each other back and forth. That said you guys have probably been told to stay away from eachother already. However, I can't absolutely say if it's true or not by the absence of death location logs. ( It's been a while since it happened) I will go ahead and give a +1 for unban and give him benefit of the doubt. Even if you dont get unbanned, it isn't that big, I mean it's only a 24h ban.

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Even on TitsRP, the connection time is ultra slow compared to other multiplayer games, while TitsRP is on the faster side of loading times compared to most darkrp servers, it still takes quite a while, specially when your connection is unstable and you have gmod installed in a traditional hard drive instead of in an SSD, that on top of garrys mod being super unstable, crashing a little bit too easily i wouldnt think you are lying, so imma go with a +1 for unban 


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