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tmod doesnt even know the rules


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i had reported a player for rdm cause i walked behind him with my kidnap bludgeon out but never swung it or anything and guy proceeded to rdm, so i report and get tp'd by uni zipps. he checks logs and when the situation was understood, he checked motd to see if the guy could kill for someone standing behind him with bludgeon, he said theres a rule that says bludgeons out behind someone is kos... i looked and NOWHERE does it say that, the closest thing to it was attempted or actual kidnap is kos but i never attempted and he returned me even though i asked where in the rules it says that i was ignored i dont think this guy is fit for tmod honestly.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:

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I'll send this to him over discord to give him a chance to defend himself, I do want to remind you though - he is trial mod for a reason, he has only been staff for a day so he is still learning the ropes & going to make mistakes. This is not an excuse for not knowing the rules or handling this wrong, BUT you should try to be a little bit more lenient with him as he is very new.


I won't discuss anything further though until he has commented. Also, do you happen to have a video of the sit?

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i completely understand. just a wee bit frustrated when i made this post cause i had lost a valuable gun i couldnt get back from that incident, so thats why the post seems a bit aggressive.                                           as for the footage part, no i didnt get footage. i havent updated my recording software, so i couldnt get it at that time sadly.

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