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Requirements to be my girlfriend

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1. Must have decent boobs

2. Must have a nice butt

3. Must have 100% completed lego indiana jones 2 at least once

4. Must have nice hair

5. Must workout regularly

6. Cannot be in debt

7. Can't have offensive tattoos (swastikas etc)

8. Must own a gun license and have experience with firearms

9. Must have thick thighs

10. Must have a minecraft account (so we can play)

11. Must have no children

12. Must be between 18-27 years of age

13. Must be pretty

14. Can not have any guy friends

15. i'm obligated to check your phone at least once a week

16. Must own a steam account

17. I must be present when she hangs out with her friends (security reasons)

18. Must have a decent job

19. Must do everything i say

20. Has to call me everyday (preferably between 2:00 - 3:50 pm)

21. Must cook me dinner 5 nights a week

22. Must come with me on dates

23. Must do nice things for me

24. Must give me a nice gift at least once a month

25. Having offspring requires my authorization (most likely will be no)

26. Must help me around the house

27. Must help me with finances to a degree

28. Must ignore guys who talk to her (besides me)

29. Must put me first (even during life-threatening situations)

30. Must be nice (if possible)

31. Must dress well

32. Must act feminine

33. Sex at least 3 times a week

34. Must hang out with me as much as possible

35. Must treat me like a king

36. Must not be feminist

37. Must respect me

38. Must give me hugs and kisses everyday


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31 minutes ago, Sugar Tits said:

22. Must come with me on dates


Does this mean she will be attending other dates you go on

If thats what i request of her

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