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All Two-Food Recipes


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This drive consists of all the two-food recipes, plate and pots not included.
All text files and in-game recipe names have been renamed to their corresponding effects.

To import the recipes simply paste the files in to "GarrysMod > garrysmod > data > sugarfood".

Efficient batch cooking:
Body 1.1;3.5;4.3 092S: Carrot + Pear
Damage +5% #2: Tomato + Cabbage
Firerate -5% #6: Garlic + Watermelon
Max HP +91 273S #3: Poop + Fish
Recoil -5% #3: Banana + Beer
Smoke #1: Water + Pepper
Smoke #4: Potato + Donut
Size x2.3 260S: Onion + Cucumber
Speed +34% 099S #1: Corn + Orange

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corrected some food names that was wrong and
added what in my opinion is the best batch of food to cook.

nvm i just realized that two recipes use garlic so ill fix it



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