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  1. so regardless of if he used some bug or not, is he allowed to infinitely come back to try to claim my bounty every minute after I kill him?
  2. If you check the location logs of where I killed him, he was right outside my base every time
  3. So this happened yesterday, but this guy kept non-stop trying to kill me/break NLR as bounty hunter at least 5 times. As soon as I would kill him he would immediately use the golden list talent to target me again not even 2 seconds after each death and would continue coming up to my serial killer base and matt nading/c4ing it. I don't know how he didn't have any cooldown between each time he targeted my bounty but I feel like it could be possible bug abuse.
  4. I used to be a cop main, I don't falsely arrest people but okay
  5. I never false arrested you. They were all for bounties you had/breaking laws that the mayor had at the time
  6. I can upload a more fuller version tomorrow if you need it
  7. There were no edits on the video, the blacked out part was either from me tabbing out or OBS glitching.
  8. I was never toxic to him once, other than just doing the laugh emote in front of his jail cell. Its still no reason to tell me to end my life...
  9. *you're. Also responding in a report you're not even involved in? Kinda cringe my guy
  10. There were no staff on at the time, thats why I made a forum post about it
  11. In my initial review, Piklas asked me how many people I arrest an hour and I said like 5-30+ and he fired me for that the first time. He knows how I arrest a lot of people and makes these questions to give him a "reason" to demote everyone he doesnt like and keep only his friends as cops.
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