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  1. Alex Coleman#8067 lul
  2. EagleDude

    Ban Appeal

    What walter said, i dont see anything beside them being minges so imma stay netrual for now
  3. So you're begging for forgiveness, and saying you didnt know that you can't have kOS line and killl people. But you stated that you have a warning for KOS line before and to me you didn't learn from that. That's just a 360 turn. -1
  4. Should have been there for my dad. Smh.
  5. The logs showed that you killed a cop before the 2 kills. The second kill was 7 seconds apart so if im not wrong after you killed the cop you could have stop but 7 seconds later you killed daisy then 6 seconds you killed another person. Then after all of that you say you got disconnected? I find that really suspicicous.
  6. EagleDude

    Ban Apeal

    Your Steam Name: Eagle Dude Your in-game name: Eagle Dude Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:204005041 Why were you warned/banned?:LTAP (To avoid gigmute) Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I think the reason why i'm banned is a missunderstanding. I just wanna be unbanned and keep playing on this wonderful server. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Cunt Yeastwood Evidence: When i left the server for school it was the afternoon for me and i had to attend class. I never did join back until i got back home and when i joined the game i got banned.
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