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  1. Imagine paying 30$ for a bludgeon bathwater skin.
  2. Kidnapping is one of the worst and most toxic things on this server -Since CC's can have bludgeons you can be kidnapped anywhere anytime by anyone. -You lose all your weapons weather they succeed in kidnapping you or not. -99% of the time it's not even fun kidnapping it's just sitting in a black box waiting for the timer. -Since most of the big kidnapping gangs have numerous members you're unlikely to be saved and it's a license to kill anyone who attempts to stop it. -Since most of the gangs have all the perks it's only a 2-minute cooldown between kidnappings. -This is also assuming they don't just instantly execute you as soon as your kidnapped. -Being thrown in the sewers every two minutes. ___________________________________________________________________________________ And when it comes down to it the only counterpoints are "Well, we paid real money for our bathwater bludgeons." "I'm a kidnapper main and I find nothing wrong with kidnapping." "Lmao just shoot the kidnappers." "Git gud" ___________________________________________________________________________________ With the way, kidnapping is now it's one of the main detractors from the server for me and I feel I play the server less because of it this is from my stand point where im personally somewhat developed but for newer players kidnapping can be devastating.
  3. -1 Batman is fine he could even use a buff It's very hard to click people in just the right spot to hogtie them aswell you can't hogtie people while sprinting. The main counter to batman is just being aware of your surroundings and the crimes he can hogtie you for 90% of the time that alone will stop batman. This is also assuming it's just a single person 2+ people and batman is almost worthless.
  4. The cubes were high enough to only be obstructive towards jump swept users and these blocks were one of the least obstructive constructions I've seen in a while. If you recall from a few days ago with the meat man who had large spires of meat all around the fountain and past PD and he suffered no such ban despite it being far more likely to cause lag and be obstructive. Personally, the punishment seems far to harsh as he genuinely didn't seem like it was his goal to crash the server (if it was why to remove the cubes on request?) I'd personally give him another chance and if he does it again then hand out a ban.
  5. He did indeed have large cubes in the air however these were only mildly obstructive and was certainly not enough to crash the server nor did it seem like that was his goal. He also did remove the blocks upon being asked a few minutes before he was banned. Personally, this doesn't seem at all worthy of the punishment he received as I've seen people place far more obstructive props.
  6. Bug Description: The keys the DEA agent spawns with do not allow locking/unlocking the PD doors. The DEA agent also does not spawn with a stun gun like all other cop classes. How to reproduce: Become a DEA agent normally and attempt to use the keys. Priority: Low
  7. 1+ Getting constantly kidnapped by flying anime girls and dragged into unraidable bases is unfun as heck.
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