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  1. you know those kitkats? yeah those are fucking fire chocolate is good af
  2. i don't agree with this, i feel health injectors are practically worthless if you have a cc. -1 this is a good idea, i like this one. +1 no, i think it would be better off saying how much of a % you have to get rare oak/gem. -1 i mean, sure, but you could just sit in a base with 100 chem tokens and get a fuck ton, but in the end you would get more than you're supposed too. in a way this could work, but not for me. NEUTRAL yeah +1 demolitionist is supposed to be a job for raiding and practically useless nonetheless, but isn't there a level where you get makeshift timebomb as demolitionist? if they remove that, they should fix that level. +1
  3. i'm agreeing with jewann here. most of these suggestions are kinda ass but some of them are just eh
  4. yeah it's also called respected rank -1
  5. +1 i'd also nerf bitminers a tad bit, maybe reduce limit to like, 70k because if u hit lvl 10 and have patience to get it to 90k it's automatic and if you have 100 of them then that's an easy 9 mil
  6. the raid is over once you leave. +1 though for fuel's suggestions, actually kind of decent. edit: actually, -1 for third, that's just stupid.
  7. facts. most staff have 0 idea what they're doing and the community knows exactly who
  8. Mav Mitchell


    pure toxicity
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